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(Sheets in italics: made by others, only here for finding them more easily)

LinkMaster sheet - Not publicly available
LinkKo-orenite Politics
LinkFootball: Goal allocator - feel free to rip off, but it's a lot
LinkWeather - feel free to rip off, but it's a lot

LinkAussie Rules WC Ranks

Useful (Sports):
LinkTurning Xkoranate xml team lists into text, and turning text into the xkoranate xml format
LinkRanking table converter
LinkPythagorean Expectation
LinkQuick and Dirty Sports Stats (Soccer, Baseball, Cricket, Gridiron, Rugby League, Rugby Union)
LinkApoxBaller with KORtables (First Class and Test Cricket scorinator with automatic table functions AND automatic points for wins, draws, ties, losses, innings wins, first innings leads, and even bat and bowl bonus points.)
LinkApoxBaller with KORschetables (Same as above, but with scheduling. Very copyable, especially if your season works like mine.)
LinkKo's Scrumptious NRR Calculator (Cricket Net Run Rate calculator that works with xkoranate's ODI and T20 result output.)

LinkTest Cricket Scorecard made by Grear

Useful (Other):
LinkElection generator
LinkName generators, per culture (Very copyable, even if your nation has multiple naming systems/cultures.)