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The Liberty Gala 2021: Card Collecting

For The Liberty Gala, we will be hosting a collecting event through the on-site NS Trading Cards feature!

Collection Contest: Historical Defender Organizations

For this contest, collectors will attempt to create the most diverse set of cards representing different defender organizations and regions throughout history. Your collection can certainly include contemporary organizations, but a good collection will go deeper into history to find leaders and members of past organizations.

The winning collection will be the one which has the greatest number of cards representing different defending organizations/regions.

The rules are as follows:

  • Your collection must include only one card representing each organization. You may pick the organization it represents. The organizers reserve the right to not count certain cards if you bend the truth too much.

  • If an included card shows the flag of the defender organization it represents, it will count double.

  • You may include a “cliff notes” explaining the cards and why they have been included.

  • If a nation is associated with multiple regions/organizations, you must specify in the notes you provide which one you are counting it for.

  • If an organization consists of multiple member regions, you may select one card for each member region and one for the organization itself.

Cards must be contained in one collection on one nation controlled by the player, but the collection does not necessarily have to be on the player's main nation.