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The Liberty Gala 2021: Defender Games

2021 The Liberty Gala Defender Games

The "Defender Games" are an excellent opportunity for defenders to practice and showcase the skills ultimately used to prevent the final occupation and destruction of innocent native regions, all in a format where they can celebrate their individual and collective progress with their comrades in arms. Sign up by filling out this Linkgoogle form. This event is only available to defenders and independents/unaligned R/Ders.

The Basics
All participants will be randomly sorted into two teams. Each team will be provided their own discord channel on The Liberty Gala LinkDiscord Server from which they can stage and organize operations. Teams are encouraged to pick out their own name, theme, and commanders for better coordination and unity during the event. The teams will then compete in various events during and between updates over the course events. Victory in these events will be rewarded with points, and the team with the most points at the end wins!

The Schedule

Date and Time


Thursday, Oct 21, Major Update

Chasing Game Round 1

Friday, Oct 22, All Day

Spotting - Off Update Raid

Friday, Oct 22, Major Update

Liberation Game Round 1

Saturday, Oct 23, Minor Update

Trigger Jumping Round 1

Sunday, Oct 24, All Day

Spotting - Waking a Sleeper

Sunday, Oct 24, Minor Update

Liberation Game Round 2

Monday, Oct 25, Minor Update

Chasing Game Round 2

Tuesday, Oct 26, All Day

Spotting - Stealth Raid

Tuesday, Oct 26, Major Update

Trigger Jumping Round 2

Wednesday, Oct 27

Wrap-Up and Conclusion

Game Descriptions
Chasing Game
One team will be assigned the role of “taggers” and the other the role of “chasers” The taggers will be given a list of 30 specially created TLG regions. On their own prerogative, they can choose which regions they want to hit (15 minimum), create triggers, and organize their troops. Chasers are tasked with chasing after the taggers to prevent them from tagging as many regions as possible. At the end of update, BOTH taggers and chasers are encouraged to edit the WFE to reflect their control of the region, as it will make tallying points easier and more accurate. The roles will be switched for the second round.
1 Point will be given to taggers for each region they successfully tag. 1 Point will be given to chasers for each region they successfully chase, or that the taggers miss. Please not that regions that were not targeted by taggers will not be counted for either side.

Liberation Game
24 hours prior to the scheduled Liberation Updates, a specially created TLG region will be released as the Liberation Region. One team will be assigned the role of “occupier” and the other the role of “liberator”. Occupiers are encouraged to pile the Liberation Region upon its release. Then in the game’s scheduled update, the liberators will attempt to liberate the region. They may use their own judgement in troop management and triggering. Occupiers may use the Liberation Region Delegate’s BC powers to eject liberators. The roles will be switched for the second round.
10 points will be given to whichever team finishes update with control over the region. Additionally, occupiers receive 1 additional point for every liberator they manage to eject. Liberators receive 1 additional point for every liberator that successfully remains in the region.

Trigger Jumping
This game will occur in the Defender Games General channel. Organizers will select a set of 10 TLG regions. During the scheduled update, organizers will provide move instructions and trigger for those regions. All players, regardless of team, are to move into the region upon trigger as quickly as possible. 1 point will be given to the teams of the fastest three players for every region. Although players are welcome to use and switch their WAs for practice, WAs are not required, so even WA-locked players can join!

Spotting Games
The first spotting event will take place all day Friday (EDT) so be sure to keep an eye on the activity feed throughout the entire time. In this event, two WA nations will "raid" a random small region off of update. To avoid creating an actual raid, the region will have a founder but also an executive world assembly delegate. The first person to spot this off-update raid and DM it to Grea Kriopia (Hailu#3271) wins, with second and third place positions also available.

The second spotting event will take place all day Sunday (EDT). In this event, the host will activate WA on a sleeper in a founderless region and attempt to endotart with natives to gain a foothold. As a spotter, your job is to identify my nation to prevent the sleeper from being used in a raid should raiders move into the region and endorse the sleeper. If you spot this sleeper, you should DM it to Grea Kriopia (Hailu#3271) with the first three spotters taking points for their team. If three spotters have not found the sleeper after 24 hours, then the event will be declared over.

The final spotting event will take place all day Tuesday (EDT). This last spotting game will imitate a stealth raid effort originating in the Pacific/feeder regions with 3 stealth raider nations you will need to discover. The goal is to hunt down these nations amongst all other activity from the day so that you and your fellow defenders will know who to chase or follow during update. Find these 3 nations and send them to Grea Kriopia (Hailu#3271) as quickly as possible to earn points for first, second, or third place.

7 points will be given for the first spotter’s team, 5 points to the second, and 3 to the third.