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The Liberty Gala 2021: Character Contest

Character Contest Information

Last year it was a pleasure to meet all your characters, and to create art of them; therefore the portrait painters Nakari and Merlin have returned to offer our artistic services to our chosen subjects. Unfortunately, there is only so much paint in the world; therefore we cannot fulfil all wishes, and will each choose our favourites.

If you wish to have your portrait painted (or a character of yours), please do come and consult us! For successful portraiture, we will need some information: most importantly is appearance, which can be shown in an image or description; but equally useful are things like personality, so we can pick the most suitable pose, or story, so we may furnish you with appropriate backgrounds and props. For sufficient information, I suggest providing us with at least ten sentences.

Please notify us of your submission in the #character-contest channel, or telegram Nakarisaune or Kingdom of Circle of Magi by October 28th.