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The Liberty Gala 2021: Main Schedule

Event Schedule

Times are listed using both EDT and UTC for convenience. Use Linkthis site for easy time zone conversion.

Wednesday, October 20

Thursday, October 21

Friday, October 22

Saturday, October 23

  • 12 AM EDT (4 AM UTC) [Major Update]: Triggering Game 1.

  • 12 AM EDT (4 AM EDT): Blitz event closes and opens.

  • Conga Line: Visiting Texas’s Saturday “Texas Chat” starting at High Noon Texas Time (1 PM EDT / 5 PM UTC). Link can be found Linkhere.

  • All day: Defender History AMA/Q&A on Discord hosted by Emodea

  • 2 PM EDT (6 PM UTC): live

  • 5 PM EDT (9 PM UTC): Movie Night on Discord with Aschente

Sunday, October 24

Monday, October 25

Tuesday, October 26

  • 12 AM EDT (4 AM UTC) [Major Update]: Chasing Game 2.

  • 12 AM EDT (4 AM UTC): Blitz 2.0 closes and opens.

  • Conga Line: Visiting The League’s Regional Message Board.

  • 3 PM EDT (7 PM UTC): Gartic Phone via Discord.

  • All day: Voting for Defender Yearbook Superlative via The Liberty Gala Regional Poll: Weirdest place you have updated from.

  • 11:59 PM EDT (3:59 PM UTC): Card Collections Due: Historical Defending Organizations collections due to HumanSanity via telegram or Discord DM.

Wednesday, October 27

Thursday, October 28

  • Closing of The Liberty Gala.

  • 12 AM EDT (4 AM UTC): 2.0 closes.

  • Submissions due for Character Contest. Winners and artwork will be announced at a later date.

Event Descriptions

  • The Conga Line: Each day of The Liberty Gala, Attendees will be invited to visit a defender region to be a part of their culture for a day. Please be kind and courteous while visiting.

  • Character Contest: Design a character with their own backstory and attributes, and we’ll draw them after the event!

  • DefenderVision: A continuation of the FRAVision event previously hosted by the Founderless Regions Alliance, DefenderVision is a song contest where participants may submit original songs on behalf of their region which are then judged by a panel. Submissions are due on October 20th before the start of The Liberty Gala, but listening and voting will occur during TLG.

  • Defender Games: Take some time to come compete against your fellow defenders, try out new things, and have some fun during update with challenges and games! These games will be broken up into 3 different components: team, individual, and regional as well as be hosted during both minor and major, depending on the day. This should allow the maximum amount of people to participate and provide a wide variety of experiences of what defending looks like.

  • Defender History Events

    • Defender History Q&A/AMA: Emodea has put together a panel of some of those who shaped defender history itself, all will be available on Discord to answer questions!

    • Defender Family Tree: The Defender Family Tree traces the history of defender mentors and mentees. This year’s Defender Family Tree will build on the one we Linkstarted last year.

  • Discord games: Each day, there will be a .io game hosted via Discord that participants can submit scores for. Additionally, on some days there will be live games to play.

  • Trading Card Events: Using the NS Trading Cards feature, we'll be hosting a card collecting event. For this event, collectors are encouraged to find cards representing a diverse array of different defender organizations throughout history. There will be trading card rewards!

  • Panel on Declarations: Prior to The Liberty Gala, HumanSanity collected opinions about the new Declarations feature, its future, and its applications for defending from several prominent WA authors and thinkers. We have released these opinions and will be holding a group discussion about the new SC feature on October 25.

  • Defender Yearbook Superlatives: We will be holding nominations and then voting to determine The Most Cool of three categories: Weirdest place to have updated from, Weirdest device to have used to update, and Best Security Council resolution of the year.

  • Defender Awards: The traditional Defender Awards will be hosted after the conclusion of the event by The Glorious Hypetrain.

Participating On Site

Don't want to use Discord but still want to participate in The Liberty Gala? Here are the events that are easy for you to participate in!

  • All of the Trading Cards events

  • The Defender Awards will be hosted on the NationStates forums

  • Anyone may submit an entry for the Character Contest from on-site via telegram

  • Voting for Defender Yearbook Superlatives events will be hosted via the poll function in The Liberty Gala.

  • Dispatches will be released after the event containing transcripts of some events.