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Sir Derlin's Speech to the people of Pantor

Derlin looked out at the people as he sat in the old throne, it was the end of a era for the people of Pantor, the rise of a new country and the burning of the old. the King and Queen abdicated their throne and left the country. Derlin, the son of Derlious the Third, was not going to be the same as his father the man who gave up his country to live. Avam as his second in command had inquired why he wanted to keep the throne. Derlin only responded with "let it be known i don't want to forget our history, just forge a new path."

"For years we fought to keep the King's holdings in check, today we wake up anew, incomplete but marching forwards a new destiny. Today i stand tall to tell them all, We will not falter! WE WILL NOT DIE! We sacrificed our lives for this country, we sacrificed our families, our futures, our pasts for this country. Father fought son while mother watched daughter be burned at the stake! Be with or without me, I'll be damned if i let this country die before it had the chance to become great! We shall not have a King or a Queen instead the Thirteen Generals shall lead the country, all of us coming from different walks of life we must work as one to save them all! I shall not let this country devolve into hell! I swear to the god Hisyn I shall create order in this country to protect it's citizens and be fair to those that sacrificed it all for us! Let us rejoice in a new era but grieve and remember the losses, down with the empire, LONG LIVE PANTOR!" Derlin thought it was obvious, but he knew the others didn't see it as such. His job was not to rule but to create a government that would protect not destroy.