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People's Republic of Maxuus

Motto: Nós somos os pobres! Nós somos o povo!


Party Flag

Party Emblem


- Density:

3.617 billion

Capital (and largest city):


National Languages:




Leader of Maxuus Soviet Committee:


Official party:

Maxuus Workers Party (MWP)


The General Assembly
People's Sacred Assembly


16th January, 2020

- Total:
- Water (%):

[area] km²

- Highest Point:
- Lowest Point:

[highest] m
[lowest] m

GDP (nominal):
GDP (nominal) per capita:

ʍ 420 trillion
ʍ 116.315

Human Development Index:



Maxium (ʍ)

Time Zone:

[time zone]

Drives on the:


Calling code:


Internet TLD:


The People's Republic of Maxuus is a diverse nation composed of natives and a lot of immigrants that are received in the country with open arms by its government and population. The country was named after Comrade Maximo that lead the socialist forces during Maxuus Civil War. Most of Maxuus population resides in the state of Maxcrovia at the coastal area of the country.

The population of Maxuus is largely urban, with its biggest city being Maximogrado the capital of the country. Other big cities are Maxlino, New Leningrad, Marx City and Marighella Town. The centrally planned economy by the government with the recent help of AI planning has proven to be a great success and Maxuus' economy had a massive boom since it's creation. The Nation is autarky, that means that our economy is independent from any other country. Maxuus has 2 puppet nations that receive economic and military support from the government. The country has a big military force, but it's only authorized by The Assembly to be used for defense purposes. In exceptional situations the Leader of the Assembly is authorized to command the army without a voting process.


The nation founded on 16th January, 2020. Started as a capitalist country that was extremely repressive to its citizens, founded in 2005. On the date 2th March, 2014 the revolutionary forces lead by Comrade Maximo, started an uprising in the old capital city, that action led to a full revolution in the rest of the country with small militias of factory and rural workers starting a guerilla war against the government forces. Maxuus Civil War resulted in massive famines and atrocities committed by the capitalist forces against its own people. After 6 long years of fighting, socialists forces manage to gain control of the most important resources areas in the country leaving capitalist forces underequipped, the old president surrenders alongside with it's generals. All of the enemies leaders were put on trial for crimes against the people, the trials were almost a month long and resulted in the execution of the former president and all his generals, low ranking officials were sentenced to life in prison.

After the civil war ending, an Assembly was created to decide the nations future. A new name was given to the nation in honour to Comrade Maximo that led the socialist forces against the imperialists, People's Republic of Maxuus with it's new capital city being Maximogrado, also dedicated to Maximo. A new flag was created and new socialist national symbols where incorporated by the people. Since the creation of the country, Felipe Maximo was appointed as The Leader of Maxuus Soviet Committee and begin a series of programs to rebuild the country under socialist ideals. The centrally planned economy was a success and the wealth redistribution made the country's economy skyrocket. Maxuusians workers now live as human beings unlike before, the socially-minded government juggles the competing demands of Administration, Education, and Industry.


The government of Maxuus is structured as a soviet republic. The main assembly resides in the capital city at the Palace of The Soviets, it's members discuss and take decisions on a national level with the states of the country having low autonomy to the Federal Government. The members of the assembly are chosen under democratic means and together they form The Sacred People's Assembly. The Assembly is responsible to create and approve law on a regional and national level. Parties and candidates are chosen by the government to avoid corruption and disagreements between the assembly, assembly members are vital for the country's working so it's not acceptable that laws took too long to be approved.

Leader of Maxuus Soviet Committee holds the highest position the Maxuus government, he acts as a military leader, diplomat and representative of Maxuus in international events. Also the leader has the power of veto any laws before they into vote on the Assembly. The leader of the committee is responsible for appointing ministers, federal judges and signing military and diplomatic treaties. The first and current Leader of the committee is Felipe.R.Maximo. They, alongside many other current representatives in congress, were founding figures who organised and negotiated the formation of the nation.

Maxuus Workers Party is the nation's official party, they represent the majority in the assembly because most of them helped in the creation of the nation. But, non-party members are allowed to run for seats in the assembly once their application is approved by the Assembly and the leader. Since the party and its members were responsible for Maxuus liberation against the capitalists, most of the citizens are a member of the party or vote for it. Due to these factors the MWP holds 402/410 seats in the assembly.


The People's Republic of Maxuus is a state-planned economy that focuses on Technology industry, with major contributions from Trout Farming, Beef-Based Agriculture, and Arms Manufacturing. The planning occurs on a national level with the participation of The General Assembly, Leader of Maxuus Soviet, the minister of the economy and more recently with an AI that helps the government on the planning of the economy. Maxuus has an autarky policy which means that the nation does not depend on any other country to sustain its economy, but Maxuus helps it's puppet governments with military and economic aid.

The nation has a 78% employment rate with a high income equality. The govnerment sustains it's people with a lot of public services such as transport, health, education and others. Maxuusians have a broad range of social programs that ensure everyone has the same opportunities and career choices.