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Body Armor: Because Lead Is Bad For Your Health

While body armor technology has pushed far beyond that of the medieval period, adapting to newer threats and integrating new tech like kevlar and ceramic plates, one thing does remain the same: its simple goal of protecting the user from injury or death by a hail of kinetic rounds.

While Russia and Gonswanza are effectively in cahoots with each other, Gonswanza has also "borrowed" tech from the US in their augmented reality visors, hence, allowing for an unholy hybrid between the two. In spite of this, however, the basic Gonswanzan kit is effectively 1:1 with RATNIK, though exoskeletal enhancements are being rolled out to infantry in the field, now seeing use in Brazil under Operation Green Thunder. While it is a small step to the future, it does enable infantry to move further without rest and to be able to move a greater weight as well, enabling them to carry more ammo and supplies with MULEs to further aid them.

Of course, Gonswanza is hoping to get their own versions of SOTNIK soon, once Russia is able to export the kit in it's entirety or even field it.

Image: Augmented RATNIK armor on display.