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The Leader of Mackiland (FUTURE!!)

The current leader is Vasuka See here

Makto Maktavish is the autocratic leader of Mackiland. She is the 3rd president of the nation.


Makto Maktavish was born on July 28 in 2977 in the nation of Mackiland. She never knew her parents as they abandoned her in the wilderness with a note stuck in her diaper when she was a baby. The note was found many years later by Makto when she decided it was time to start wearing underpants at the age of 15.

The note said:

"Name: Makto Maktavish
Date of birth: 28/07/2977
Time of birth: 17:30 PM GMT+4
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Nationality: Mackilandian
Reason of abandonment: no comment, good luck"

Makto has a younger sister called Maktor Maktavish who has a similar story.

Makto Maktavish went to the public school #2 in the town of Sadia located in the west of Mackiland. Later she studied Computer Science at the Mackital State University. However, she was unable to graduate due to the incident of becoming the 3rd president of Mackiland.

How Makto Became a President

In 2998, the presidential elections of Mackiland was about to be held. The president at that time was Vasuka, the most revolutionary president Mackiland had ever had. Before that, the president was the one whose name we can't say. (Shhh, he was a horrible dictator). Before that Mackiland had a royal family.

Somehow, Makto Maktavish became friends with Vasuka. But she was never into politics. They just met by chance on the slave market during the holidays when there was a discount. After they became friends, Makto and Vasuka spent lots of time together. They went everywhere together. And people saw the cute face of our glorious leader.

...It was October 23, 2998. The votes were being counted on live.

People had held their breath and were watching the number on the screen.

Who would become the president? Vasuka who had 200 million votes or Maktor, the sister of Makto, who had 199 million votes. It was a tight battle and not even a half of votes were yet counted.

Suddenly another person appeared on the screen! And the number under the picture which wasn't a picture, it was just a note "[picture here]", was increasing exponentially! And yes, that was Makto Maktavish who had literally no campaign and was never planning to come in politics.

Eventually, she won with 3 billion votes.

However, not many people were surprised. Apparently, people liked Makto so much that 3 billion people added her name on the ballot and chose her.

And this is how she became our lovely and bbbbbrrrrrrilliant president!

What Makto Loves

Makto Maktavish has lots of hobbies. We often see her riding a bike in Mackiland and going on long bike adventures. During those times the nation is just left to the Invisible Hand to run.

Makto Maktavish loves creative writing. Her stories are published every week and she writes stories for magazines such as: "The Kids of Mackiland", "No Politics! No Pain!", "69 Stories", "Affairs in Mackital City" etc.

Makto Maktavish loves Mackilanduri Bananas. And she loves a lot more things.

Does Makto have a Boyfriend? Just asking for a friend...

She never tells. But we think she does.