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The Erestrian Army

The Erestrian Army

"Serving the people, serving the Republic."


The Erestrian Army, is the land component of the Erestrian Armed Forces responsible for guarding its borders with the Municipalities of Antarctica, and crushing rebellions that oppose the idea of a republic. The Army was formed after the dissolution of the Empire of Erestrial along with the Erestrian Defense Forces in October 13, 2021. Along with the withdrawal of the Republic from the International Defensive League (IDL) in the following days after the proclamation of the Republic.


It has an active and deployed force of 500, and a reserve force of 15,000. Conscription is legal under the Erestrian Constitution, and men in the age of 25-31 are eligible for military service. Defiance to do so will result in being arrested, and possibly being executed.

Equipment and Uniforms

The Armed Forces' equipment have been rapidly modernizing. A standard soldier of the Erestrian Army wears a thick white uniform to protect themselves from the freezing winter of Antarctica. The standard rifle of the Army is the M17 Assault Rifle.

Branches / Divisions

The Winter Sharpshooter Corps = The Winter Sharpshooter Corps (dubbed; the Hunters of the Snow) are the best marksmen of the Armed Forces. These marksmen were enrolled into the Sharpshooter Educational Centre in the age of 8, and once conscripted into the Armey, were transferred to the Sharpshooter Corps. These Sharpshooters wear thick white uniforms, but are given a patch that has crossed rifles to separate themselves from the average soldier, and are equipped with sniper rifles to accurately shoot at enemies, and shoot at long distances.

The Frozen Guards = The Frozen Guards are the best of the best, the elite, the most professional trained soldiers in all of the Armed Forces. These Guards are tasked with the protection and well being of the Senate and its Senators. The Frozen Guards only has a size of 300 soldiers, who have survived the 2-year long training of becoming a Guard. These Guards protect the Capitol Building, where the Senate meets. A guard must not break character, and smiling is prohibited. Breaking out of character leads to demotion, or even getting kicked out of the branch.