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The Regional Triumvirate Party

The Regional Triumvirate Party of Callista
"One Step Forward"


The Regional Triumvirate Party seeks to restore the long defunct inter-regional alliance and promote peace and prosperity between member regions. The party is center-left and embraces freedom and democracy for all while still keeping the Tsar as a constitutional monarch and the ceremonial leader of Callista.

The Restoration

Restore the Regional Triumvirate as an inter-regional alliance dedicated to promoting the spread of egalitarianism and prosperity to its member regions as well as passing favorable legislation in the WA that represents its ideals.

Representative Democracy

Reaffirms the belief that freedom and democracy are key to a region's success and thereby places all government offices under the direct control of the people. The Tsar shall remain a constitutional monarch with limited power over external affairs. The Tsar shall be recognized as the traditional, ceremonial, and religious leader of Callista. Seeking to weaken the control of the Baloominati oligarchy and eliminate corruption from within.


The Regional Triumvirate Party aims to restore the once glorious inter-regional alliance while maintaining democratic and Callistan ideals of freedom of speech and political freedom.


Komahina (Chairman)
Aldisvania (Warrant Officer)

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