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Supersonic Advanced Reconnaissance Craft Ausf A-1

SARC Ausf A-1
The Supersonic Advanced Reconnaissance Craft is an autonomous drone that travels at Mach 6.5, it follows a predetermined route using a terrain contouring machine (TERCOM) to fly over points of strategic interest. It is powered by two Single Linear Expansion Ramp (SERN) ramjets, and takes off with a reusable rocket booster. From taking off, it accelerates from mach 2 to mach 3.5. Equipped with advanced thermal imaging, radiation mapping equipment, and Osterriech designed radar arrays, it can create relatively accurate maps of enemy positions with little to no risk of being intercepted. Because of the simple design of its propulsion system, the main expense is the electronic payload and the body of the craft itself. To cope with heat expansion, the fuel tanks and lines have overlapping expansion walls to prevent leaking while on the ground. Upon completing its mission, it will turn around and parachute safely down at the base of operations it originated from, allowing for the data to be retrieved. Data maps can be used in unison with PSM-1 drones to reduce the time friendly bombers have to loiter around a target area to acquire targets. Can be used in an AEW&C role by detecting the heat and radiation signatures of aircraft and missiles, although its large turning radius means it isn't the most efficient in this role on its own.