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2070 RP Region Rules (WIP)

2070 RP Region Rules (WIP)

RMB Posting Rules
To be clear, this isn't all rules for how the RP works. This is rules for how the RMB should operate.

  • In Character (IC) posts must be marked as such. Say "IC:" before what you are doing.

  • Attempt to avoid double posting. Edit the previous post. Double posting is allowed but it should be attempted to avoid it to avoid cluttering the RMB.

  • If you wish to form an alliance, be sure to tag a mod.

RP Rules

  • In order for something to be considered canon, it must be posted IC of the RMB.

  • RP is consent based. If you wish to do anything involving another nation, you need their permission first.

  • No power playing. This technically continues the above rule. You are not allowed to take control of another RPers stuff-country, government, people, military.

  • No Godmodding. You must be realistic. You are not allowed to have a 500,000 person military if your population is 1mil. You must be realistic with damage, if someone nukes you, don't just say it did nothing.

  • RP Mods and the RP Owner should not use their position to cheat.

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