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Pigeon Towers of Madrueji

Pigeon Towers

Something of a Madruejian experiment, these Pigeon Towers are exactly as they are described: massive towers that are home to a large number of pigeons. Such towers can hold upwards of 4,000 pigeons within them. As to why anyone would want such a large number of these birds in the same area, there are two main reasons. Firstly, these towers allow Madrueji to collect a large amount of Guano in a relatively small area. Guano, or accumulated bird droppings, has a variety of different uses, such as being used as fertilizer, as a chemical in leather tanning, and even as an ingredient in making gunpowder. Second, they supply the Madreujian Military with a number of pigeons every year, which can be trained to carry messages around the battlefield or be used as flying incendiary missiles.

Each tower is made primarily of mudbrick and is often intricately designed, with provisions for a natural skylight and glass chandelier. They are considered to be important economic installations within Madrueji and are almost always heavily guarded against any potential thieves or saboteurs. Anyone caught stealing from them, even if it's just a couple of birds, faces severe punishment for doing so.