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State of the Realm - October 2021

State of the Realm - October 2021

Kantrias is on the verge of our 9th anniversary, and while there is room for improvement, the region is showing much promise. I would like to start by congratulating the winners of all the elections we just finished. I hope this proves a successful and productive term for all of you.

That election uncovered much of the potential our region has, with both the Speaker and Supreme Chancellor elections being competitive. It was quite a pleasure to watch those elections, from the back and forth between candidates to the speculation as to the results. In addition, our forum post count has been the highest it has been since before the summer, so there is much reason for optimism.

This term we have a major cultural event coming up, our anniversary festival. Our Ministry of Culture has already been hard at work with planning, and I am sure it will prove to be a fun time. There are contests, games and tournaments being planned, with a couple of movie nights as well. We plan to invite our allies and friends to join us as well, so it will be a great chance to make new friends outside of the region as well.

On the subject of foreign affairs, Kantrias is also in the middle of treaty negotiations with the Empire of Great Britain. Assuming talks are successful, this treaty will further strengthen the defence of the region, and assert our relevance on the world stage.

Now, many Kantrians have played a big role in getting us to where we are today, and it is time they were finally honoured. To that end, I have several awards to hand out. In alphabetical order by first name:

Deryn Blackwell (A.K.A. Saldagon) has been an absolute force of nature within Kantrias. In the legislature, he initiated an overhaul of Kantrian law on a massive scale, and is currently serving the region as our Speaker. For these achievements, I bestow on him the title of Baronet.

Frost (A.K.A. Asian Lands) has the distinction of currently being the only active Justice in the High Tribunal. This means the region has leaned on him immeasurably to resolve any questions of legality and uphold the law. For this critical contribution, I bestow on him the title of Baronet. Furthermore, he has served Kantrias as our World Assembly Delegate for a staggering 4 years. For such length of service, it is only fitting that he should be the first inductee into the Order of the Oak.

Iczika A. Zobieska-Quilor (A.K.A. Too-Technical Japan) is the heart of the sell named "shinies generation" of Kantrias, and has ever remained an active part of our community. She is known to always be there to get the conversation going or to offer a kind word. For these reasons, I bestow on her the title of Nobile.

Mihai A. Zobeski (A.K.A. Zoygaria) is one of the longest-standing members of the RMB community still active there. They have had a huge impact on the shape of that community today, and honestly, there is no one I trust more to tell me how that community currently feels. As such, I bestow upon them the title of Nobile.

Crown Princess Sara Quilor (A.K.A. Bloomfairy) is the most consistent worker in the Ministry of Culture, having had a role in just about every festival and event Kantrias has done in this age. Not only that, she has served Minister of Culture twice, and Supreme Chancellor once. For these reasons, I now bestow on her the title of Viscount.

Siegfried Jäger (A.K.A. Ulm) is another active member of the RMB community whos contributions have been so consistant to deserve recognition. They have been an assent to our community, and willing to step up for the good of Kantrias when needed. For those reasons I bestow upon him the title of Nobile.

Prince Skar Quilor has been an active member of Kantrias for the entirety of this age. He has both written and contributed to a multitude of laws, and has contributed to countless legislative debates. For these reasons, today I bestow on him the title of Baronet. Furthermore, he has served Kantrias as our Supreme Chancellor, and most notably as Minister of Foreign Affairs. He has served as our Minister of Foreign Affairs for just a few days short of a year, in which time he has laid the groundwork for multiple treaties, and promoted Kantrias as a stable region to look to. For his contributions in this role, I hereby bestow him the title of Viscount and induct him into the Order of the Oak.

Finally, I would like to speak to the people of the RMB specifically. You have long had your own distinct community within Kantrias, and I wanted to recognize you. Throughout your existence, the government side of the region has tried to hijack your community to direct it to our offsite areas and harness your energy for our own purposes. For this, I wanted to sincerely apologize. You are a part of what makes Kantrias the region it is, and your community deserves to be preserved. To that end, I pledge both as King and as holder of the founder nation to see you protected. Should legislation be passed in the Kylian Assembly that would harm your community, I will use my veto on it. If another government official tries to use their power to hijack your community, I will use my own influence to stop it.

All that said, a degree of compromise is required. You represent the only pool the government of Kantrias can draw on to ensure our own activity. Due to this, we unfortunately need to still make posts about elections and vacancies that need to be filled. In exchange, it is the responsibility of the government of Kantrias to continue recruiting, bringing new nations into our region, and ensuring the security of the region so raiders cannot disturb the community.

To help with finding this compromise, and ensuring the concerns of the RMB community are heard, I have a proposal for you. From amongst yourselves, appoint or elect an RMB advisor to the King. This individual will be the person I ask if I want to know how something will impact you, and will likewise be charged with bringing any concerns they have heard directly to me. I will also empower them with both poll and communications powers, meaning they can hold regional polls, suppress RMB posts, and send region-wide telegrams.

However, if the idea of an RMB advisor proves unpopular, I will not force it. In that case, we can figure out another way to improve communications between our two distinct yet overlapping communities and reach compromises where they are needed.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this address. I feel Kantrias is on the verge of an upswing, and I am excited to see where it takes us.

The Kingdom of Leutria