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UN-CAD Moderator's Handbook (Ver. 1)




Head of staff, main RP Moderator, can suppress on the RMB, manages maps and claims, submits change forms, can have a deputy

*Committee President

Is a Moderator, can suppress on the RMB, can help with events, decides on the outcomes of wars (unless they are in a war, in which case the Cartographer decides)

United Nations Clerk

Not a moderator, accepts player applications (and works with the Cartographer and Global Bank to give them starter claims and starter stats), checks legality and votes on resolutions, decides on the effects of declarations, can help with events, submits change forms

Global Bank President

Not a moderator, keeps tracks of player balances and military strength, works with Cartographer closely, processes change forms, manages Prosperity Point collection and redemption, can have a deputy

Event Organizer/s

Not an official part of the RP staff, creates RP events (crises, disasters, diplomatic issues, etc.), can have an NPC nation that doesn't have any stats, only used for events
* should have 'Communications' authority on NationStates to suppress RMB posts




Always reply to applications and change forms



  • view request at Linkthe Border Commission

  • check if they meet proper requirements (cost and Linkword count)

  • submit Linkchange form #1 to Global Bank (and inform Bank President)

  • edit the Linkmap for expansion after change form is processed

    • you may use LinkjsPaint to quickly upload (File > Load from URL) and edit it and upload it straight to Imgur (File > Upload to Imgur)

  • reply to the request detailing its approval

  • replace the Linkmap and add the new changes to the table

  • check Linkwhich type of change form

  • read the provided reason and open the provided link to ensure that it is 100% correct

  • if accurate, process the change form appropriately and then reply to it, informing them of the results.

  • view proposal at the LinkGlobal Assembly

  • check if it is legal according to the Linkguidelines

  • make sure no other proposals are currently being voted on

  • if legal, reply to their proposal informing them that a vote will be held and submit Link Global Bank Change Form #1

  • Linkadd a poll linking the proposal and asking for 'Aye' or 'Nay' votes. Set the duration for 2 days.

  • Send a message on the RMB informing people that a vote has started. Provide a link.

  • once complete, check results of the poll and reply to the proposal detailing if it passes or fails

  • If it passes, add the Resolution as 'Passed'

  • process any necessary change forms:

  • view all proposals at the LinkGlobal Assembly after submission period has ended

  • check if they are legal according to the Linkguidelines

  • decide which proposal/s are best suited to respond to the problem. Choose a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3.

    • if you submitted your own declaration, ask an RP staff member who did not submit their own declaration to adjudicate for you

  • Announce which proposal/s won and provide them with their appropriate rewards.



  • view request at Linkthe Security Commission

  • ensure if they meet all the required Linkguidelines

    • calculate the total cost of the declaration, please make sure you calculate the cost of target provinces correctly

  • if rejected, send a reply indicating which information needs to be changed/is missing

  • if approved, fill out LinkGlobal Bank Change Form #1

  • once the form is processed, reply to the declaration notifying them that the war begins (you may use template #3)

  • you may read the war report of any war by filling in the tag

  • check if post is in compliance with the Citizens' Code

  • check if post is in compliance with Linkthe RP Guidelines

  • if a warpost, check if in compliance with the LinkMilitary Strength Index and LinkWar guidelines.

    • Also ensure that they have a tag indicating the name of the war. You may warn them to edit their post.

  • suppress any and all posts that are non-compliant, especially if they are warposts

  • If it is for Opening an Account for new players, they get a flat $50 Billion in starting money. If it is closing, their balance is completely removed from the game.

  • For Global Bank, check what type of Linkchange form it is

    • read the provided reason and open the provided link to ensure that it is 100% correct

    • process them appropriately in the LinkTreasury

  • For Trade Commission, check what type of Linkchange form it is

    • read the provided reason and open the provided link to ensure that it is 100% correct

    • process them appropriately in the LinkMilitary Strength Index or whichever the active Prosperity Points thread is on Linkthe Roleplay board

  • check which type of Linkgrant it is and if it meets the guidelines

  • make sure it meets all the requirements and is not plagiarised or reused

    • to check if reused, compare to prior Grant submissions

    • to check for plagiarism, use LinkPrePostSEO or LinkQuetext

  • take note of the word count using Linkthis Word Counter. Only take note of the main text's word count in the submission

  • calculate their final rewards and reply to their submission if it's accepted, detailing their final rewards (you may use template #5)

  • add their rewards appropriately in the LinkTreasury, LinkMilitary Strength Index, or whichever the active Prosperity Points thread is on Linkthe Roleplay board

  • to start the month's thread, use BOTH the templates provided:

  • to collect their prosperity points:

    • make sure all the posts are within the deadline period

    • double-check if their screenshots match how many points they collect

    • change their prosperity points appropriately in the included table

  • to redeem their prosperity points:

    • make sure all the posts are within the deadline period

    • make sure they're only redeeming the points they actually have

    • collect all their purchases/changes in a Linknotepad to easily refer to

    • include their individual nation's ECONOMY statistic to easily compare

    • change their stats appropriately in the LinkTreasury or LinkMilitary Strength Index

      • ensure that if they're collecting UND, divide their allocated points with their ECONOMY stat (round off to whole number) before adding their income. You may use the LinkGoogle Calculator or your own

    • reply to the trade deal indicating if it's approved or not.


The symbols are placeholders and need to be replaced before posting. Take note of what needs to be replaced.

🔴 for your name, copy and paste:
I, 🔴 of the Roleplay Staff, do hereby affirm that I shall strive to maintain the Roleplay to the best of my ability and practice ethical and honest work in all that I do. I pledge to act free of bias in all my actions and will not act in the interest of my self-gain or for the unfair gain of other CADizens - the Citizens' Alliance of Democracy has my word. 

copy and paste:

On behalf of the UN-CAD Roleplay Staff, I would like to welcome you to our Nation RP! To get started, you can look at your account's status and statistics here:

          - [url=,1203.msg5956.html#msg5956]Global Bank [b]Treasury[/b][/url]
          - [url=,1218.msg5962.html#msg5962]Trade Commission [b]Military Strength[/b][/url]
          - [url=,1204.msg5971.html#msg5971]Border Commission [b]World Map[/b][/url]

Additionally, you are advised to explore our services to learn what we have to offer:

          - [url=,1210.0.html]Rules and [b]Guides[/b][/url]
          - [url=]Converse in-character on the [b]RMB[/b][/url]
          - [url=,1203.msg5959.html#msg5959]Earn [b]Money[/b] and [b]Resources[/b][/url]
          - [url=,1203.msg5959.html#msg5975]What are [b]Prosperity Points[/b][/url]
          - [url=,1204.0.html]Expand your [b]Territory[/b][/url]
          - [url=,1218.0.html]Buy from the [b]Trade Commission[/b][/url]
          - [url=,1218.msg5962.html#msg5962]Learn what [b]Military Strength[/b] Does[/url]
          - [url=,1201.0.html]Write [b]Resolutions[/b] and [b]Declarations[/b][/url]
          - [url=,1202.0.html]Learn the [b]Rules of War[/b][/url]
          ...and much more

You may also join our [url=]Discord server[/url] to talk to your fellow CADizens not only about the Roleplay, but also with our regional government, real life, and everything in between!

Thank you for joining us and may luck always guide you![/size]

🔴 for the final (full) cost of the Declaration
🔵 for the names of the participants and their individual Military Strength
💛 for the name of the war
💚 for the current date

copy and paste:
[size=14pt][b]On Behalf of the Security Committee,[/b]

This Declaration is hereby recognized by the UN. It shall be given [b]30 days[/b] of validity while the Committee discusses future intervention.

          [b]Final Cost:[/b] $🔴 Billion UND
          [b]Participants and Military Strength:[/b] 
          - 🔵 with 🔵 Military Strength
          - 🔵 with 🔵 Military Strength
          [b]Name of War:[/b] 💛
          [b]Validated On:[/b] 💚

May luck always guide you and may the best nation win.[/size]

🔴 for the name of the war
🔵 for the winning nation (or stalemate)
💛 for the rewards of the winning nation
💚 for the rewards of the losing nation

copy and paste:
[size=14pt][b]On Behalf of the Security Commission,[/b]

The 🔴 comes to an end, and thus its Declaration of War expires. Below are the results:

          [b]Winning Nation:[/b] 🔵
          [b]Spoils of War[/b]
               Winning Nation: 💛
               Defeated Nation: 💚

Unfortunately, both sides suffer casualties as a result. The winning nation loses 50 Military Strength and the defeated nation loses 25 Military Strength. May this be a lesson to us all.[/size]

🔴 for the final word count
🔵 for the monetary reward (put zero if none)
💛 for the prosperity reward (put zero if none)
💚 for the military strength reward (put zero if none)

copy and paste:

The Global Bank duly recognizes the development of your nation, and thus would like to contribute to its continued development with the following grant:

[b]Final Word Count:[/b] 🔴 Words
          [color=green]$ 🔵Billion UND[/color]
          [color=orange]💛 Prosperity Points[/color]
          [color=limegreen]💚 Military Strength[/color]

Thank you and may luck always guide you![/size]

[size=8pt][i]This grant may be revoked at the discretion of the RP Staff and penalties may also be enacted if submission does not meet the [url=,1203.msg5959.html#msg5959]guidelines[/url][/i][/size]

🔴 for the purchased goods (name)
🔵 for the amount of each purchase
💛 for the final cost (combined)

copy and paste:

On behalf of the Trade Commission, your order is confirmed and they shall be contributed shortly. Here is your receipt:

          Purchase/s: 🔴
          Amount: 🔵
          Final Cost: 💛

Thank you for your business with the Trade Commission, may luck always guide you![/size]

Copy and paste:

The Trade Commission hereby confirms the legality of this trade. Please ensure that the trade has gone smoothly:

          [url=,1203.msg5956.html#msg5956]View your Treasury[/url]
          [url=,1218.msg5962.html#msg5962]View your MSIndex[/url]
          [url=,1204.msg5971.html#msg5971]View the World Map[/url]

Thank you and may luck always guide you.[/size]

🔴 for the current month
🔵 for the last day of the current month

copy and paste:
[td][center][size=10pt][font=courier][b][ [url=,1200.0.html][color=#F0D258]APPLY[/color][/url] ][/b][/font][/size][/center][/td]
[td][center][size=10pt][font=courier][b][ [url=,1204.msg5971.html#msg5971][color=#F0D258]MAP[/color][/url] ][/b][/font][/size][/center][/td]
[td][center][size=10pt][font=courier][b][ [url=,1201.0.html][color=#F0D258]RESOLUTIONS[/color][/url] ][/b][/font][/size][/center][/td]
[td][center][size=10pt][font=courier][b][ [url=,1202.0.html][color=#F0D258]WARS[/color][/url] ][/b][/font][/size][/center][/td]
[td][center][size=10pt][font=courier][b][ [url=,1203.0.html][color=#F0D258]GLOBAL BANK[/color][/url] ][/b][/font][/size][/center][/td]
[td][center][size=10pt][font=courier][b][ [url=,1218.0.html][color=#F0D258]TRADE COMMISSION[/color][/url] ][/b][/font][/size][/center][/td]

[size=12pt]The Global Bank has developed [b]Prosperity Points[/b] to estimate your nation's economic and social prosperity. Researchers claim that [url=]responding to your nation's most pressing issues[/url] increases your prosperity, and that a more prosperous nation [b]leads to more national income[/b] and maybe even [b]strengthening your military[/b]. The Global Bank reassesses Prosperity Points on these dates:[/size]

[td][size=12pt][b]First Week Collection[/b][/size][/td]
[td][size=12pt]Submit Screenshots from [b]🔴 1 to 🔴 5[/b][/size][/td]
[td][size=12pt]Prosperity is Calculated from [b]🔴 6 to 🔴 7[/b][/size][/td]

[td][size=12pt][b]Second Week Collection[/b][/size][/td]
[td][size=12pt]Submit Screenshots from [b]🔴 8 to 🔴 12[/b][/size][/td]
[td][size=12pt]Prosperity is Calculated from [b]🔴 13 to 🔴 14[/b][/size][/td]

[td][size=12pt][b]Third Week Collection[/b][/size][/td]
[td][size=12pt]Submit Screenshots from [b]🔴 15 to 🔴 19[/b][/size][/td]
[td][size=12pt]Prosperity is Calculated from [b]🔴 20 to 🔴 21[/b][/size][/td]

[td][size=12pt][b]Redeem Points[/b][/size][/td]
[td][size=12pt]Submit your Purchases from [b]🔴 22 to 🔴 24[/b][/size][/td]
[td][size=12pt]Redeemed between [b]🔴 25 to 🔴 🔵[/b].[/size]
Prosperity resets on the last day of the month.[/td]

[size=12pt]Here's what you can redeem for Prosperity Points:[/size]

[td][size=12pt][b]UND Income[/b][/size][/td]
[td][size=12pt]1 Prosperity Point = $1 Billion UND*[/size][/td]
[td][size=10pt]* This amount changes proportionally to your nation's [url=]economy statistic[/url]. Example: If you have 50% economy,
10 Prosperity Points only exchange for $5 Billion, which is 50% of what's supposed to be $10 Billion.[/size][/td]

[td][size=12pt][b]Military Strength[/b][/size][/td]
[td][size=12pt]1 Prosperity Point = 1 Military Strength[/size][/td]

[size=12pt]Please collect Prosperity using the form below. Send your proof as a link or screenshot to [url=]this page[/url]. Lying below could give you penalties.[/size]
[code]Player's Name:
How much Prosperity to Collect:
Proof: [/code]
You may use [url=]Imgur[/url] to upload screenshots, "copy image address" or "copy direct link", and then paste the link between [𝗶𝗺𝗴][/𝗶𝗺𝗴] tags (type your own [img] tags because these don't work)

[size=12pt]Redeeming Prosperity uses the form below:[/size]
[code]Player's Name:
Link to Nation:

   UND Income: (leave empty if none)
   Military Strength: (leave empty if none)
Total Cost:[/code]

🔴 for the name of EACH player
🔵 for the prosperity point balance of EACH player

copy and paste:
[center][size=18pt][b]Prosperity Point Balance:[/b][/size][/center]

[td]🔵 Prosperity Points[/td][/tr]

[td]🔵 Prosperity Points[/td][/tr]

[td]🔵 Prosperity Points[/td][/tr]

[td]🔵 Prosperity Points[/td][/tr]

[td]🔵 Prosperity Points[/td][/tr]


You can add more rows by pasting this ABOVE the [/table] tag.

[td]🔵 Prosperity Points[/td][/tr]

The Queendom of Neo-Caduceo