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by The Federal Republic of The island of Sorna. . 167 reads.

Global map

My attempt at creating a global Map, to make a claim Telegram me!

Bright Orange - The island of Sorna

Green - New Plant

Lime - Nicholas and Great Britain

Light gray - Nordrhein-Westfalen and Thuringia

Blue / Greenish colour - Nivosea

Dark blue - New Dominion of Canada

Crimson - Sutarianesia

Gray - Mikaela

Red - Somurias

Pink - Veliko

Black - MilkyWay Republic

Blank with Black stripes - Native Tribes

Blue - Eroana

Purple / blue-like - Kurdislavic Algharbistan

Tan - The New Dacians

Purple - Repreteop

Yellow - Unojo

Brown - New Roakia

Cyan - The eternal swedish empire

Blank - Unclaimed