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Master Dispatch of The Communist Bloc

The Communist Bloc's Master Dispatch

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Table of Contents

Note: You can navigate this master dispatch using the yellow links at the top of each page. Each category will have its own home page that points to everything you might need on that topic, and there is a Table of Contents on each home page which tells you where to find what you are looking for.

  • Home: The Master Dispatch

    • Constitution: The Constitution of The Revolutionary Republic of The Communist Bloc is the basis of our region and outlines government structure, citizenship, and the laws by which all member nations must abide

    • Handbook: Our guide to the basics of NationStates and TCB

    • Government: Home page for the government

        You can go here for more information about the inner workings and politics of The Communist Bloc

    • NSLeft: Home page for the NSLeft

        This links to everything you might need to know about the alliance between leftist regions on NationStates

    • Discord: Our regional Discord is where citizens go to discuss NationStates as well as the real world. We also host games and other events here

    • Forum: The forum is where you can apply for citizenship, run for elections, and vote on representatives

    • FAQ: Home page for guides and other resources

        The guides linked here can help answer general questions about NationStates, Leftism, and gameplay