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A request

Ministry of the Paranormal

To the nations of the Confederation,

This request comes with a heavy heart. A request that we wished we would never had to make. But the time has come.

Four days ago, Paranormal Containment Facility 12 went offline. Some of you might already know what this might mean, but for those who don't, I'll explain it. We had several teams go in five hours after PCF-12 stopped responding. The teams returned safely, although with a report we didn't want to hear: that all the staff in the facility were dead, and the entity had escaped. Now, I say "entity" because we only had one entity secured there. 'An entire PCF built for one entity? How dangerous must it have been?' You might be thinking. And the answer is 'extremely dangerous'. This entity was a TP6 and was part of the Thirios category. This was the only entity so far that has been classed as a 6 on our Threat Presented rating; a new rating, made for just one entity. Both its physical appearance (a fuzzy, floating creature that seemed to have a cord attached to the ground at all times; grey in colour; around 1.85 metres in height from foot to head, although it floats about 4 metres off the ground) and mental abilities are profound, beyond anything we've seen before. This creature has the ability to crush cities with a single thought. It can kill millions in a second. Its motives: we don't know. It's unpredictable, striking when and wherever it wants to with no prior warning.

This request is for help. Any other nation within the Confederation that has a significant interest in their own citizen's safety is asked to help us. Help us find this creature and either contain or eliminate it once and for all. We believe that it is not within our own nation's boundaries and we wanted to get this message to you as soon as possible. We have already dispatched most of our major units to try and find this entity. While some may not like to hear it, these units have already been operating within your borders. They have accounted for some of your nation's disappearances and other accidents. We apologise, but we hope you understand that it was in the interest of one thing: our safety.

Those who would like to assist us in our mission, please send one representative to Fuolopis International Airport. From there, we will escort you to our headquarters where our plans of action will be discussed. Please let us know of your nation's cooperation and representative's arrival via either RMB post (preferred), telegram or DM.

We hope that you will take this message seriously and understand the risk.

Thank you.

Director Lacan