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CK Foreign Affairs Policy and Records Dispatch

Embassy Policy

Please speak to the Minister of Foreign Affairs to begin negotiations.

Requirements for opening an embassy with Conch Kingdom:

  • Common values

  • No more than forty embassies.

  • The region must have a place for reception of ambassadors, and must receive Conch Kingdom's appointed ambassador.

  • The region must be active in a way that is easily accessible (Discord, IRC, Forums, RMB, etc.), where activity is defined as at least five posts of substance a day.

  • The region must have a delegate with at least fifteen endorsements.

  • The region must not promote hateful or harmful ideologies, or be associated with any of the regions in the foreign affairs blacklist.

  • The region must fill out an application (located below).

Should the region develop into a state where any of these requirements are violated, the region will be contacted by their assigned ambassador and withdrawal of the embassy will be instigated immediately.

Please note: these rules are not hard and can be ignored in specific circumstances, for example when the offending region has close historic ties to Conch Kingdom.

Embassy Application: Please Fill Out in Telegram, or DM on Discord to @PSYCHOBILLY FREAKOUT#6692

  • What region are you representing?

  • What is your nation in that region?

  • What is your discord ID?

  • Does your region have any treaty allies?

  • Does your region have any embassies with the regions on our blacklist (below)?

  • In a sentence, tell us why you desire to construct embassies.

If there are any questions, direct them to the MoFA, Kursibar.

Foreign Affairs Officials

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Kursibar

  • Chief Diplomat: Pervincia

  • Voting Member in the URA: Duby

  • Ambassador to Anteria: Duby

  • Ambassador to Caer Sidi: Suryadweep

  • Ambassador to European Union: Socialist Platypus

  • Ambassador to Forest: Kursibar

  • Ambassador to Karma: Socialist Platypus

  • Ambassador to Lily: Kursibar

  • Ambassador to Niamark: Suvmia

  • Ambassador to The Free Nations Region: Hockeyyekcoh

  • Ambassadors to The Grey Wardens: Nova Briton and Suvmia

  • Ambassador to The South Pacific: Hubdova

  • Ambassador to The Union of Democratic States: Kursibar

  • Ambassador to The West Pacific: Free Azell

  • Ambassador to South Pacific: Hockeyyekcoh

  • Ambassador to Spritus: Socialist Platypus

  • Ambassador to St. Abbadon: Kursibar

Programs by the Minister

  • Updating of this most venerable document

  • Foreign Reports by the Ambassador(s) of regions, compiled into a Foreign Affairs Report to the Prime Minister

  • Foreign Affairs training program, to be delivered to new members who wish to become ambassadors.

  • Expansion of outreach program

Foreign Affairs Blacklist

Embassies may not be constructed with regions on this list, neither may embassies be constructed with regions who share embassies with regions on this list, and we will not attend foreign affairs events where these regions are permitted to attend.
  • Kaiserreich

  • USSD

  • Nazi Europa

  • Farkasfalka

  • Lardyland

  • Confederacy of Layem

  • New Reich of Bunicken

  • The Wolf Clan

  • The Penjuwen Banen

Treaties & Accords

The Sand Accords - treaty with The Kingdom of Great Britain - TERMINATED

LinkThe Seashell Accords - treaty with The South Pacific

Record of Actions

Gibraltarica's Administration (8th January - March 4th)

Charville's Administration (March 4th - July 4th)

  • March the 7th

    1. Announced Pervincia as Chief Diplomat

  • June the 11th

    1. Embassy opened with Entropy

Free Azell's Administration (July 4th - October 4th)

  • July the 10th

    1. Withdrawal of embassies with Entropy

  • September the 2nd

    1. Withdrawal of embassies with The League

Kursibar's Administration (October 4th - )

  • October the 6th

    1. Appointed Suryadweep, Hubdova, and Hockeyyokcoh as ambassadors

    2. Terminated the Sand Accords with the Kingdom of Great Britain

  • October the 10th

    1. Appointed Suvmia as ambassador

Embassy Request Records

Create an embassy with us - denied 10/3/21

Free the cheese - denied 13/3/21

League of Greatness - denied 30/3/21

The Agents of SHIELD - denied 5/4/21

New Kyrgyzstan Assembly - denied 5/4/21

Institute of Cellulose - denied 14/4/21

The Union for International prosperity- denied 16/4/21

matheo - denied 17/4/21

Closure of embassies with New Eastern Europe - 20/4/21

European Continent Cultural Union ECCU - denied 21/4/21

Closure of embassies with Greater Middle East - 25/4/21

Entropy - accepted 11/6/21

Closure of embassies with Entropy - 10/7/21

The West Pacific - accepted 17/7/21

Closure of embassies with The League - 2/9/21

Divine Coalition of United Nations - denied 8/10/21

Fredonia - denied 8/10/21

An Abbey In The Deserts Of The Southwest - denied 10/10/21

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