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The Gardener's Gazette, edition 16

The Gardener's Gazette

Welcome to the sixteenth edition of the The Gardener's Gazette! The Gazette is a monthly newspaper with the purpose of keeping both gardeners and guests informed on the happenings within the Card Gardening Society.

A Letter from the Founder
by The Unified Missourtama States

I’ve greatly enjoyed and appreciated my time with the Card Gardening Society and within the NationStates Cards community. I’ve had an amazing time observing the community grow.

I remember Koem Kab as the ever distant king. I remember being there for the discovery of TCALS and its rise and its devolvement to political insanity. I remember watching new players float up on inflated platforms. I remember all the collections we said we’d never complete, but did. I remember very recently, seeing the old king fall.

Cards turns and changes, and unfortunately so must I and so must the gardens. I regretfully announce my retirement and hand over my duties to Giovanniland.

Giovanni has worked as an administrator of the gardens for over a year and has much of the needed experience, you can look forward with many things being the same, but better. You can still contact me on Discord with any questions about the transition.

I wish the Society continued success, and I hope that the gardens continue to grow into the future.

Have a good gardening year,
From the founder
The Unified Missourtama States

Garden Insight
by Giovanniland

As you might know already, our monthly Garden Insight is where we inform people about key happenings in the Society during the last month. So, without further ado, we'll talk about what happened during September!

Early in the month, discussion continued about the possible changes to how cards are generated, such as the Best Nation in the World and Yahtzee proposals, with which some Gardeners did not agree with. By the end of the month, discussions had ceased about these topics, both within the Gardens and also in the threads themselves located in the Technical part of the NationStates forums, although they may possibly be revived if the game administrators deem this topic important.

Soon after, a discussion about the rules happened when Minskiev and Seanat were fighting for a legendary card: Seanat matched the low ask while they also had a high ask matched with their puppet Grey Iree's bid. An interference was against the rules, and it did happen, but eventually no action was requested. There was a suggested change to the interference rule (originally designed to prevent heists in bank and card transfers), to not count transfers made after the start of an auction, although it was also mentioned that the change could remove protection from piggyback transfers, in which a low self-match is made to cover a transfer that will happen on the last minute, so that there is a less likely chance of a heist. As of writing, though, the rule remains the same as before.

The fifteenth edition of the Gazette was published soon after, and as always, there were favorable reactions, although some members lamented that there was only one entry to the previous month's change. Later in the month, various conversations happened, featuring themes such as constructed languages, and NationStates related topics like N-Day: comments were made about the dominating win of the Crabs of the Apocalypse, with Durmengrad joking about "crab gardens".

Other channels besides the Greenhouse were also active: the Farmers' Market continued having various people posting offers to buy or sell cards, while in the Compost Pile various members have since the dawn of the Gardens stockpiled enormous quantities of cookies. Finally, in the Garden Displays channel, Vylixan showed their collection of Unicorns, which was created as a replacement for the Collection Collection v2 thread since Philville2 and its unicorn-collecting puppet Philville-unicorn ceased-to-exist. Vylixan had also commented earlier about their factbook that, among other things, lists all their card collections; in other words a true display of several great ones.

Last but not least, it is a tradition to mention in this Garden Insight all new members that joined the Gardens recently. However, there were sadly no new members joining the Society this time. Hopefully, next month there will be people I will be able to give a warm welcome to! For now, stay tuned for the next edition of this summary.

Winners of the Month
by Giovanniland

Eleven giveaways happened during September, two fewer than August. Nevertheless, the fact that no Gardener won more than one giveaway during August also continued during September, meaning that eleven different nations received either a Legendary card or an Epic package. Several valuable legendaries were among this month's prizes, including a Season 1 copy of Imperium Anglorum, which recently earned a second commendation by the World Assembly. There was one giveaway where the winner was a ceased-to-exist nation that accidentally did not get removed from the roster, but this was quickly fixed and a new winner chosen. The full list of winners can be seen below:


Number of Wins





Grand Abaco








The Salaxalans




Destructive Government Economic System






Community Contribution Awards
by The Unified Missourtama States

It is once again time for the Community Contribution Awards! Every six months we will census contributions from the community and recognize the most active members. There are 2 categories with awards: Cards and Commentary.

Cards – recognizes members who donated the most cards to help support the activities of the Society. The top in this category gets a custom role on our community Discord! Top 3 members are listed below:

Commentary – recognizes members who are active in conversation (non-spam, interactive messages) in our community Discord. The top in this category gets a legendary card, this time a season one Zwangzug! Top 3 members are listed below:

We thank everyone else who also made contributions for supporting us.

Monthly Contest Results and Update
by Giovanniland

In the last Gazette edition, a Card-Related Short Story Contest had been announced, in which participants would have to write a short story related to cards, either in the player's perspective as a trader, or also in a roleplay sense depicting an in-context card auction, collection, or similar. The contest would have ended in the 3rd of October, two days before this Gazette was published, but there were no submissions at the time the original deadline ended. Nevertheless, we at the Admin team still want to see everyone's creativity at writing, so we are extending the context until 23:59 UTC of October 31st, giving all Gardeners almost four weeks to write. The rules of the contest are in the spoiler below, in the case anyone has forgotten them:

1. Only one entry per Gardener is allowed;
2. Participants must submit their entry to Giovanniland by Discord DM or NationStates telegram until 23:59 UTC of Sunday, October 3rd;
3. Submissions will be judged by the Sub-Administrative Committee. The winner will receive a Legendary card, and additional rewards may be sent out depending on the number of entrants;
4. Entries must:

  • be written in formal and proper English;

  • be related to NationStates Trading Cards;

  • follow NationStates & Discord rules;

  • have at most 1,500 words (there is no hard minimum limit, although use common sense here—a few words don't make up an entire story);

5. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden, resulting in punishment within the Society if found out;

We hope that Gardeners participate so that they can try to win a nice Legendary card, or another prize if there are several good entries and we decide to reward other people. And remember, the Season 3 Quiz from the November 2020 edition (which will soon celebrate its first anniversary; look how time flies) is still open to submissions—send your answers to Giovanniland if you wish to participate. With all the talk of the admins confirming the future season being worked on, perhaps this is a good time to participate before it arrives and the contest ends? Who knows, but hopefully Season 3 shall come soon. Good luck!

See you all next month for another Gardener's Gazette edition. Credits to Giovanniland for leading the newspaper publication and writing some articles, and The Unified Missourtama States for contributing the other articles! If you'd like to write, please contact our Administration to apply for the Gazette Writer position.