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FNR | The Free Nations Herald October 2021 Edition

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Emaha wins the Recruitment Championship
1500+ telegrams sent in 72 hours

Logo of the Ministry of Immigration
The Minister of Immigration My Nation organised a recruitment championship. The participants of this championship had to manually send recruitment telegrams to as many new and refounded nations as they could within the period of 72 hours. The person who Recruited the most nations would win. The Participants were allowed to use the default recruitment telegram of the region, they also had the choice to recruit with their own recruitment telegram. The winner would receive a special role in the discord server. If the winner used their own custom recruitment telegram it would become the Default Recruitment Telegram of FNR. The competition was initially slow as only 180 telegrams were sent in the first 48 hours. The competition got heated up in the final 24 hours as both South Asians and Emaha competed against each other for the victory. At the end of 72 hours, Emaha emerged victorious with 3 Recruits and 1000+ telegrams sent. South Asians was the Runner-up with 2 recruits and 500 telegrams sent. Obets came third with 120 telegrams sent but with 0 recruits. Since Emaha used the default recruitment telegram the FNR recruitment telegram didn't change.
Sparsdan Nominated and Confirmed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs
Record Breaking Confirmation Vote in the Citizens' Assembly

Flag of Sparsdan
With the expiration of The Vanguard Protocol on the 17th September. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was left vacant again. President Doctors Orvos decided to nominate Sparsdan as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the rest of the term. Speaker Gufand commenced the vote in the Citizens' Assembly. Sparsdan's popularity among the Citizens of the Free Nations Region clearly showed as a whopping 40 Citizens approved the nomination with 0 Negative Votes and Abstains Spars got unanimously confirmed as the new Minister of Foreign Affairs. Spars got the most number of approval votes in the history of the Citizens' Assembly. This is his second term as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Free Voices of the Free Nations
Interview with Minister of Defense Apatosaurus II
by- Obets

Flag of Apatosaurus II
In this New Column, We will interview notable citizens of the Free Nations Region to get to know about their experiences in the Free Nations Region and their contributions towards our Community. Our First Interviewee is our Minister of Defense Apatosaurus II formerly known as The Python II. His other government positions include being the Speaker of Lazarus and a Senator in the Union of Democratic States.
Here's our interview with Apatosaurus:-

Obets: What is it about the FNDA that you like?

Apatosaurus: Well, to be honest nearly all of my time on NS (including since I was a complete noob one year ago) I've been interested in defending, and when SA invited me to FNR I decided to get involved in FNDA, and I've never regretted it since.

Obets: What is it that makes you want to be the Minister of Defense?

Apatosaurus: Mostly being able to help build and more fully participate in FNDA, FNR and defending in general, but also that it's overall a fun position to be in.

Obets: Describe an average day in the FNDA. Whether its from a regular defending perspective, or as the MoD

Apatosaurus: From a regular defending perspective, it means having to lose 50+ endorsements sometimes, getting pinged 10943758 times, and having to be online at 4 PM every time there's a big liberation, but also often off-update detag missions, and mostly just the thrill of fast-paced action. As the MoD, it involves pinging people 80 times for a big liberation, having to run recruitment for the FNDA often and making off-update detag missions to do.

In this new brand-new News Category we will provide you with latest Roleplay and Worldbuilding News from the Free Nations Region. This Category will also occassionally feature Opinion Pieces written by different Roleplayers.
A City of Freedom
by- Verdeu

Aerial View of Mondo
Mondo, (meaning ‘World’ in Italian) is considered by many as the capital of Verdeu, and for good reason. Originally established in 1426, as a port and trading outpost for the short lived Jahevean Imperial Duchy, it was home to around 250 people by the end of 1426, before the Jahevean Duchy was dissolved due to internal conflicts. The outpost traded hands for quite some time, before settling on the Kingdom of Sklyye, a regional power, where it remained until 1621, when the outpost, thanks to the discovery of large shoals of fish, and natural resources in the area, officially exploded in population, up to 3,000, and became a regional town in status. There it remained, until Skylyye’s King, Arduin, entered a royal marriage with Princess Isabella of Kathara, with the kingdom merging into the Grand Duchy of Kathara. Kathara grew Mondo into a full city state thanks to technological advancements and general improvements to sanitation and quality of life.

By the beginning of the 1820’s, Mondo had a population of around 50,000, which would only increase as time would come. However, this would change with the Orvosian invasion of Kathara, subjugating it and transforming it into the Commonwealth of Netto, named after the once capital city of Verdeu. What followed for 6 years was quite an unstable time, with Netto being burned down twice, and smaller villages being harassed and persecuted by Orvosian forces, along with the settlement of Orvosian’s there. For many dissidents, Mondo was a safe haven, as it was declared a neutral zone by the Commonwealth, and neither side would infringe on it. But by 1834, when the first Peasants revolt occurred, this changed, and Orvosian forces stormed the city. Following the failed revolt, tensions ran high, and punishments were fierce. Displacement of natives and the general settlement of Orvosians promoted racial and ethnic tensions between communities, along with a heavy tax of grain. By 1838, this was too much, and for probably the first time ever, the upper class and the lower classes united in their hatred of the Orvosian occupation forces. For the upper classes, it was a matter of profit: Their businesses were buckling under extreme taxes and regulations, along with famine. For the lower classes, it was simply survival.

What came next was the incredibly violent 1838 Revolt, in which Orvosian citizens were forcibly removed from their homes and killed, along with homes being burnt down and with waves of peasants overwhelming the guards, supplied with weapons from both home and abroad by the wealthier businessmen.

After the Orvosian threat had been pushed away from Kathara, the duchy was reformed and Mondo exploded in population, as the government moved to the rapidly growing city due to the fact the original capital, Netto, had been burned down twice in the space of a few years. By the 1850’s, Mondo was at 300,000 population, and soon enough, a small-scale industrial revolution was happening, with the population only going up and up and up. By the 1900s, Mondo had passed 5 million in population, and Verdeu was relatively unaffected by GW1.

However, this would change with GW2, with the Orvosian’s occupying Mondo and placing it as the centre of their Collaborationist government. Mondo birth rates went down, as the puppet government enacted tough racial segregation, along with banning religion. Almost immediately, resistance sprung up, and between 1940-1945, the nation-wide resistance worked to undermine the puppet government, ran by Haverna Kaklopols. On March 7th, the Resistance, having allied with underground communist and religious groups, launched Operation Carnival, a 3 month long uprising to reclaim their part of the continent. Mondo was the scene for the heaviest fighting in the city’s history, with over 10000 resistance casualties, and a staggering 40000 casualties for their enemy, which was a mix of collaborationists and Orvosian garrisons: A ratio of 1-4.

The garrisons melted under the intense pressure, and with the successful reclamation of Mondo, over radio, other resistance groups were notified and as such launched smaller revolts in smaller cities and towns. This divided Orvosian and Collaborationist forces to multiple fronts, and on the July 19th, the last remaining Illuminists in Verdeu surrendered, a battalion of worn-down Collaborationists. Haverna was put on trial and executed for treason, and The First Republic of Verdeu declared independence and joined the Allies.

While it was never acted upon, Verdeu’s representatives had suggested to the Allies High Command that after the liberation of Verdeu, it could be used as a landing point to push further into the Illuminist Pact. The Generals at the time were sceptical such a front could be maintained, and never went with it.

After GW2 ended, and Verdeu officially locked itself away from the outside world for around 80 years, causing a decline in both population and industrial capacity, as the turbulent years afterward began. Only in the 2000’s and beyond have the information blackout on Verdeu started to break down, and in the year 2020, Chancellor Markus Viskarro ordered the opening of the country, causing a revitalisation in the country’s economy, and Mondo’s industrial base.

Nowadays, Mondo is home to around 30 million people, and is quite culturally diverse, with small remnants of Sokrat in the modern Verdeuan language, but not a lot. Art from a wide range of artists have also been painted in the city, such as the famous “Flowers with Secrets” by Johann Von Gattengein, a foreigner, which shows the freedom of expression in the city.

Speaking of which, Mondo prides itself on its individual freedoms and is ranked #1 as the most Liberal or left-leaning state in the Verdeu 2020 Census, a country-wide effort to collect data on the country;s healthcare, policing, political views, etc.

So, is Mondo worthy of being called A City of Freedom? Certainly, and is a moment to the resilience of Verdeu and its people in the face of adversity, both home and abroad.

Worldbuilding Outside of Roleplay
by- Obets
Worldbuilding is the process of constructing an imaginary world, sometimes associated with a whole fictional universe. Worldbuilding has always been associated with Roleplaying but Worldbuilding can also be fun without adding Roleplay in it. In this article, I will interview Valentine Z aka Vostrov. Vostrov is the Community Manager of the Free Nations Region and an avid Worldbuilder. He will tell us about his Worldbuilding Experience in this interview.

Obets: What does worldbuilding mean to you?

Vostrov: Ahh, as the name suggests, it is the building of a world! Anything that goes beyond a simple comic strip that has three panels! Anything can be considered worldbuilding, in my personal opinion! It can be the grandiose world of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Halo, Star Trek, or even something as small as a comic strip that is NOT an one-off (i.e. a series). Even a comic series with relatively light lore, can have some worldbuilding in order to keep things consistent. Worldbuilding, to me, is connecting many, many stories, many places, characters, and the like, into a single shared world where they interact with each other.

Worldbuilding, to me, is to be able to create a world that might be so out of this world (hehe) and yet, with rules consistent enough for people to enjoy. It would not be as fun if you constantly change rules - it can be magical, technological, scientific, or a combination of the many (techno-magic) but as long as you keep it consistent, the world you built will be a believable one!

Obets: Why do you worldbuild outside of roleplay?

Vostrov: Ahh, relative ease of freedom! So I am no stranger to RPs - whether be it in P2TM, or International Incidents, or any other forums, or even regional RPs. I am not the one to say something bad about them and in fact, I have had my fair share of being in any of these, or even tried! So here is the thing with my long-term project that is Valentine Z and the multiverse - I like doing it because it has more freedom, and I have a bit more thinking space for myself. I don't try to take something to extreme lengths and made it so unbelievable even by suspension of disbelief, but I also don't try to make it too grounded to reality. Again, I have nothing against realistic or very unusual RPs, just that I didn't really go that way. To me, Valentine Z is more than a world, and it is also a personal project with a personal touch, and thus is why I am proud to call myself more or less an independent worldbuilder - I acknowledge and have RPed with other nations before, but that is when we both acknowledge that there is such a thing as the multiverse, and that Valentine Z lived in another world where it got both Earth and Mars under her arms.

Going back to the question, again, I have tried worldbuilding in RPs, specifically once in this old (and my first) region called The Coalition of Governments (Earth is not in their canon, they used other planets), then North Pacific RP, then even FNR RP. Unfortunately, of the projects I did for their RPs were successful. I love these regions and what they have, and I love the idea of the planet they occupy changing territories and with so many events happening independently over the years (both ICly and OOCly) but again, it's not just for me. I love something that I can call mine, something that does not heavily rely on others, if that makes sense.

Obets: How do you worldbuild? What gives you inspiration, what resources do you use, etc?

Vostrov: Well, Valentine Z has quite a lot of inspirations! To quote my previous answer I got from elsewhere: So..... I first found out about NS back when I was in the other NS (National Service). As you can see, this nation was founded in 8 Nov 2015. I went with Valentine Z because I could not take "Valentine", which would only be available in 5 years (last year). So I chose Z because it was part of my name, and there was that with the name itself. Nothing too significant there. Over the months, I just answered issues first, then I got envy from other people's factbooks, and then as I was doing my service as a soldier / security guy in an army camp, an idea hatched about a world torn from the nuclear bombs, with a little suspension of disbelief here and there. The army was definitely an inspiration with the ranks of The Sixty, on top of a huge and long-running comic called Schlock Mercenary. That was quite a combo, even if I didn't draw a lot of inspiration from the latter. I just like the idea of a nation of peaceful and tall people, along with a small group of personnel that just makes it work through suspension of disbelief, and sheer goodwill. It's my own Bridge to Terabithia. Are things unrealistic at times? Oh, absolutely! I tore apart the realistic bits, like how Square-Cube Law doesn't affect the Valentians! Ultimately, it's just something that I really, really love doing, and I am honored to be supported by many here on this little corner of the internet. ♥

In short, Forum 7 definitely helped a LOT with my journey. There were so many other forums, of course, but F7 came first and foremost for me. Even if most of the games were spammy, the friends that I have made there, on top of the valuable feedback I have gotten, made this nation into where it is at right now, and I would like to think that I became a better writer - relatively, of course. I am nowhere near the greats, but I like this little corner of the internet, and the characters that I have created! It is a hobby that has taken quite a form.

As for what I use, ahh... you can look at it here:


Other than the stories and lore that I have written myself, which in turn might be inspired by many sources, I declare that almost every art-piece I used for this nation, as well as for my puppets (see here) are from other sources and artists. Credit is given to the best of my ability, and even if missed, will be eventually tracked down with Tineye or some publicly-available tools.

Publicly-available means that your profile or your work is publicly searchable by Google or some other search engine, and is available to the guest visitors of the website. Incognito Mode is used whereby I can see your work without logging in to get special access to your content.

If you see your art-piece here or would like me to either take it down or credit to you, send me a Telegram!

Resources / Miscellaneous Attributes Used

- Adobe Photoshop for most of the edits and modifications.
- Adobe Illustrator for vector flags and designs that are not possible with Powerpoint.
- Adobe Premiere for animated flag video and GIF.
- Microsoft Office Excel for charts and numbers.
- Microsoft Office Word for typing and procuring documents for factbooks, including this one.
- Microsoft Office Powerpoint for flag designs and animations.
- for world maps of Valentine Z.
- for banners.\
- PhotoMosh for those glitchy effects!
- Python and various packages (mostly matplotlib) for mathematics, graphs, and visualisation.
- Wikipedia for most of the knowledge and context about real-world technologies, also for blank SVG world map for the climate map (as seen in Overview factbook).
- Shutterstock, Deviantart, 123RF, Artstation, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many other sites for the various art resources. Credit is given to the best of my ability.
- Many other NationStates people that have been credited respectively in assisting me with art, design, and just about everything else. Including but not limited to: Ponderosa, Neonymphonia, Mechyrdia, Rhodevus
- Fonts used: Roboto Condensed (2014 variant), Scout Font Family (the one you can see in Rainbow Six), Iosevka.

Media or Websites used. This is non-exhaustive.

- Sims 4, Electronic Arts.
- Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment.
- Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft.
- Far Cry 1-2, Ubisoft.
- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Bethesda.
- Life is Strange, Square Enix.
- A webcomic called "Sammy". Link Linkhere.
- Halo, as in the whole franchise. Microsoft / Bungie / 343 Industries.
- Star Wars, Disney / Lucasfilm. Used for Prime Minister Kendrick, and Chief Senator Annette.
- Resident Evil and Chaos Legion, all courtesy of Capcom. Used for Vice Foresittend Jolyn.
- The Office, NBC. Used as “Erin” for Assistant Secretary Mandy.
- Soul Calibur, Bandai Namco. Used for Valkyrie Valentina.
- Sleeping Dogs, Square Enix. Used for Vice Premier Ministre Markus.
- Japanese 3D model Saya (specifically for Jenny.
- Shutterstock, 123RF, perhaps a few other stock-photo websites.
- Brave Frontier, Gumi, Alim Co., Ltd. Used for Trade Rep. Charmaine.
- GTA and Max Payne series, Rockstar Games.
- L. A. Noire, Rockstar Games.
- Serious Sam series, Croteam / Devolver Digital.
- Team Fortress 2, Valve.
- RWBY, Rooster Teeth.
- My Life as a Teenage Robot, Nickelodeon, Viacom Media Networks, YTV. Used for Head Engineer Tiffany.
- LinkOxenfree.
- Marvel Entertainment. Chief Technician Jared, for instance.
- Johnny English. Used for Head Aviator Hayes.
- Mobile Legends.
- Star Tap: Incremental Tap Game.
- NieR: Automata, Platinum Games.
- Minions, Illumination Entertainment.
- LinkSCP Foundation.
- Penumbra, Paradox Interactive; Lexicon Entertainment.
- Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.
- Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
- Bioshock franchise, Irrational Games, 2K Games, 2K Australia
- Looney Tunes, Warner Brothers.
- Metroid Series, Nintendo.
- Tom and Jerry, MGM.
- Mirror’s Edge, EA Digital Illusions CE, EA Mobile, Borne Games, IronMonkey Studios.
- Ninety-Nine Nights, Phantagram, Q Entertainment.
- Call of Duty franchise, Activision / Treyarch / Infinity Ward.
- Sword Art Online, Reki Kawahara.
- The Amazing World of Gumball, Cartoon Network.
- Steven Universe, Cartoon Network. Most notably used for The Multiverse of Holly Starlight.
Read factbook

It's both a way for me to cover my back even though I did this for free, BUT at the same time, to show that my inspirations were from many, MANY places.

Interview Ended

For this paragraph we interviewed well, me, Obets. I just recently quit the RP, mainly because it was terribly stressful and I wanted to do something more relaxing, which is worldbuilding by myself. I like worldbuilding by myself because I can do, well, anything. I love cartography which is something I could never pursue in my time with roleplay, but now, without the RP (and with upgraded photo editing software) I can make my own maps. Before I joined the RP I had made my own semi-realistic dreamland, and now I can expand on it, and I take comfort in having the ability to create and manage a whole world, even if it's made up. Worldbuilding should be something you create that makes you happy, there should be no limits, and it helps you express yourself.

N-Day Concludes
Crabs of the Apocalypse achieve a Flawless Victory
N-Day is Nationstates' annual event where nations organise themselves in factions and those factions nuke each other into oblivion. This Year's N-Day was pretty one-sided as the Crabs of the Apocalypse (CoTA) easily wiped out all its competitors with the sheer number of nations that they had. This N-Day was much less diversified than the last one, mostly because all the large regions decided to join the two mega-factions. The two mega-factions were the Crabs of the Apocalypse and The Potato Alliance. CoTA was led by regions like The West Pacific, The Pacific, Balder, United Kingdom, The Land of Kings and Emperors, Europeia, The Communist Bloc, The Internationale, the Social Liberal Union, and The Leftist Assembly among other regions. Horsemen of the Apocalypse faction from the last N-Day also merged with this faction making it the largest faction in the history of N-Day. The second largest faction was The Potato Alliance (TPA) that had half the number of nations that the CoTA had. The Potato Alliance was the only faction that had any chance of competing against the CoTA. The Potato Alliance was led by regions like The East Pacific, The South Pacific, Thaecia, The Free Nations Region, Spiritus, The League, 10000 Islands, Europe, Fylkirvegr, Democratic Socialist Assembly, The Kingdom of Great Britain, The North Pacific, Forest, The Rejected Realms and The Union of Democratic States among other regions.

The N-Day started with TPA and CoTA dominating the landscape and wiping out all the smaller factions. The third largest faction of this N-Day, The Catgirl Hivemind got destroyed by the joint attack of TPA and CoTA. TPA avoided any attack from the CoTA during the first 12 hours of N-Day because of a Mutual Defense Pact signed between both factions. The Pact mentions that The Mutual Defense Pact will change into a Non-Aggression Pact after 12 hours and If one of the factions wishes to attack the other they will have to submit a notice 2 hours prior to the attack. TPA decided to submit the notice immediately after the expiration of the Mutual Defense Pact realising that a war with CoTA was inevitable at that point. 14 hours into the N-Day TPA and CoTA engaged in an epic showdown. TPA even managed to penetrate the shield wall of CoTA which initially looked impenetrable and inflicted some radiation on them. However, TPA's success ended there as CoTA retaliated with a barrage of nuclear missiles that went past TPA's defenses and in a matter of 60 minutes TPA was destroyed by CoTA. CoTA didn't stop there as they created 10 more puppet factions and elevated them to top 10 in the leaderboards to show their dominance in this year's N-Day.

In Other News....
Thaecia's Treaties and Europeia's New President

Thaecia has signed two new Treaties with Balder and the League. The treaty signed with the Balder is called the "Treaty of the Cross and the Crow" and the Treaty with the League is known as the "Treaty of Sarpedos". According to the posts made by the Prime Minister of Thaecia Xernon the treaty with Balder codified "a diplomatic, cultural and military relationship." and the Treaty with the League "solidifies a partnership that has been grounded in military, diplomatic, and WA cooperation.".

Europeia elected Lime as their new President after a highly competitive elections. The Elections went on to the run-off round after no candidates managed to get more than 50% of the vote. The Run-off round was also tied between Lime and Lloenflys. The results finally came after Lime was confirmed as the President by the Senate with a narrow 3-2 vote.

Interested in Writing Articles for the Free Nations Herald?
Contact Obets via telegram or Discord (Obetsball#9215) and submit your articles, art work, poetry, interviews, short stories or opinion pieces.

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