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Stroessnertierran """"Factbook"""" (Massively WIP, not even a factbook)

while I make a proper factbook and hopefully all of this will be removed, have the basic history and facts about this nation

In 1960, The USSR, The US and almost the entire UN set aside their differences and formed a joint mission to "Explore, Exploit and Settle the Antarctic Continent"

as the focus goes from space race to Antarctic Exploration, New technologies are quickly developed and tested (Desalination, Water Recycling, Aquaponics and Hydroponics, etc) and further surveys of exploration are conducted, resulting in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, about 17,945kmē of Dry Land that is free from ice (ik that irl its about 30% of that land is Dry, but let's imagine that its all 100%)

Settlers, mostly from the USSR, China, Japan and South America start arriving On-Mass in the Settlement, Established in the Explorers Cove, Known as the "New Harbour City"
Eventually, further improvements in technology and Antarctic Settlement Plans result in the entire Dry Valleys becoming settled, mostly on the Coast and around the driest interior known as the "Highlands"

Resources were found on the Settlement and in the seas bordering the settlement (on McMurdo Sound and the Ross Sea), Among other things, Oil, Zinc, Copper, Coal, Lead, and Guano are the most important resources mined and Exploited.

The Settlement has also found a tourism and ecotourism boom, As the Government has managed to control its mining and combine it with conserving Very Important Parts of the Settlement (Such as some certain Valleys and botany bay), Tourism has strict regulations to ensure sustainability, however more and more people are coming into the Area, Many willing to pay the exorbitant Fines and Permits to go into the very special conserved areas to see truly untouched wildlife.

57% of the 17,711,715 People living on the Settlement, as of 2025, are mostly from Spanish South America, 23% are from the Ex-USSR (Divided between 50% Slavic; 30% Turkic/Other, 20% Baltic), and 20% are from East Asia (60% Chinese, 40% Japanese)

Spanish is the Official Language due to it being the majority language, With 60% of It Speaking Natively, and another 30% Speaking it as a Second Language, English is also an important language in the Area, with 72% Speaking it as a Second Language, and generally the knowledge of Russian and other native languages are passed on to generation, Resulting in many Stroessnertierrans Being Trilingual (In their Heritage Language, Spanish and English)

As of 2025, the Settlement, often called the "Estado Libre de Stroessnertierra," or the Free State of Stroessnertierra, Has been an Independent Country since 2010, when the Independence Referrendum was passed with 72% Voting for Independence. Pre 2010 it was essentially a defacto Colony from 1963 to 2000, and a Self Governing UN Mandate from 2000 to 2010

The Military is around 200,000 Army Soldiers Strong, and the Current GDP per capita is 59,581, meaning the total GDP of the Country is 1.055 trillion dollars.