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The Dinosaur Republic of Apatosaurus

The Dinosaur Republic of Apatosaurus


Motto: Equality and Happiness


Population: 8.82 million
-Density: 15.4/kmē

Capital: Dinosaurtopia
Largest City: Cayiff City

Official Language: Apatosaurusian

National Language: Apatosaurusian, Alomian

Demonym: Apatosaur

- Prime Minister: Dame Janet Spinos
- Deputy Prime Minister: Frederick Jackson
- Chief Justice: Jo McDavid

Legislature: Direct Democracy

Establishment: from Alomia
Independence: February 19 1487

Land Area: 573,145 kmē
Water Area: 6028 kmē
Water 1.05%:

Highest Point: 4962 m, Mount Uke

Currency: dollar

Time Zone: GMT-8

World Assembly Status: Member
World Assembly Ambassador: Ambrose Scott

Drives on the: Left

Calling code: +69

Internet TLD: .saur


The Dinosaur Republic of Apatosaurus, more commonly called Apatosaurus, is a democratic socialist nation in the South Pacific. It is made up of 3 islands; Apatosaurus Island in the West, East Apatosaurus in the East and the Isle of Uke. Apatosaurus covers 573,145 square kilometers and has has an estimated population of 8.82 million.

Apatosaurus is the only nation in the world that still has living Dinosaurs. It was originally founded as Piusia in 3141 BCE, but the current state was not formed until February 19 1487, when it was declared independent from the Alomians.


The name Apatosaurus comes from the Alomian language from Alomia (now Alaska), and means "deceptive lizard".

The standard way to refer to a citizen of Apatosaurus is as an "Apatosaur".


Around 151 million years ago, Apatosaurs were a dominant species of Dinosaurs. However, by around 150 million years ago, most of them were limited to a range in what is now Southern Mexico. Around 148 million years an island broke off the coast of what is now Southern Mexico, which was mass populated with Apatosaurs. Somehow, Apatosaurs living in that island managed to survive various events which affected most other species of dinosaurs, including the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event around 82 million years after the island broke off.

Slowly, the island began to drift towards the South. Around 1 million years ago, the island split into two after a massive volcanic eruption in what is now the Isle of Uke. As a result, many Apatosaurs living in the island moved towards the West or East, resulting in the founding of the now-abandoned city of Ademi in the far West, Paftsamb in the West, Cayiff City in the North and Oesua in the East.

In 3141 BCE, Louis Pius founded Piusia in what is now known as Apatosaurus Island. The Capital City of Piusia was Pius City (now known as Dinosaurtopia). Piusia was a monarchy, which lasted for thousands of years until in the year 5 CE, Crus Lacerta, from Oesua, ran a military expedition to overthrow the then-King, Ajax Pius, also sacking Ademi in the process and conscripting all citizens living there to join the expedition. While they managed to overthrow Pius, who was exiled into the Isle of Uke, Pius managed to escape and ran a successful counter-expedition, with on the 19th of February 6 CE, Pius regaining rule over Piusia, as well as the island in the East which is now East Apatosaurus.

While Ajax Pius restored the Monarchy, things changed when in the 20th anniversary of the Civil War, there was a mass protest with over 3000 Piusians led by Atlas Pohi. The protest was requesting the abolition of the Monarchy and the creation of Democracy. Pressured to do so by the protest, Pius abolished the Monarchy and founded New Piusia, which had the earliest form of Democracy present within Apatosaurus in all of its history. The City of Pohi was later named in the honour of Atlas Pohi.

New Piusia existed peacefully for over 926 years, during which the Military was abolished due to a lack of need for it, until colonials from Alomia (in what is now Alaska) discovered New Piusia. They hunted down Piusian Apatosaurs for food, resulting in the almost-extinction of Apatosaurs. Most of the rest were enslaved and taken over to Alomia, which was a dangerous and long journey and their health was neglected along the way, resulting in about half of the enslaved Piusians dying along the way. Unfortunately, New Piusia was largely defenceless.

However, a colony of about 800 Piusians managed to escape from the Alomians by hiding in the Isle of Uke, which was then largely unpopulated. Uke City was founded in the Isle of Uke as a result. Meanwhile, Catherine Pafpi, an Apatosaur who was enslaved by the Alomians, also escaped by in her spare time, secretly building a raft, and taking a dangerous journey throughout the Pacific and landing in the city of Geia in New Piusia.

After being sighted by the hidden Piusians in Uke, Pafpi helped organise a rebellion against the Alomians. The now-armed Piusians hid in Casbmi City, on the coast of the Casbmi River, and when the Alomians arrived, a large battle erupted. Initially it seemed favourable to the Alomians, however the Piusians managed to gain strength in the end, and the battle reached a decisive victory by the Piusians.

However, 3 days later, in the 27th of August 952, the Alomians ran a surprise attack on the remaining Piusians in the very south of the Pius Peninsula. The battle resulted in an Alomian victory. However, the Alomians could not afford further fighting as the Piusians were gaining strength. As a result, the compromise was reached that New Piusia, renamed to Apatosaurus (Alomian for "deceptive lizard"), would stay as a colony of Alomia, but the Alomians would no longer hunt the Apatosaurs for food and would no longer enslave them.

This worked out for 535 years, until ruthless ruler Howard John became King of Alomia. John decided not to respect the agreement with the Apatosaurs, and ordered Apatosaurs to be hunted down and eaten. However, while some Alomians in Apatosaurus obeyed John, the majority did not obey John. A military loyal to John was sent and fought with Apatosaurs and allied Alomians, and the result was a decisive victory by the Apatosaurs and allied Alomians. Howard John was sent into exile as a result.

In January 8 1487, 2 weeks after John was sent into exile, the Alomians decided it was a bad idea to continue to keep Apatosaurus as a colony. They declared Apatosaurus independent, and the remaining Alomians left Apatosaurus. A new, democratic government was formed on the 1481'th anniversary of the original Piusian Civil War.

89 years later was when the oldest still-existing political party, the Centrist party was founded. 79 years later, the second oldest still-existing political party was founded, the Socialist party, but was still very minor for much of its history.

323 years later, in 1979, was the first election where the Socialist party had won. This was after much of politics in Apatosaurus had moved towards the left-wing. This resulted in the abolition of capitalism, and the creation of a market socialist economy, which exists today. Many other modern policies were started by the Socialist party, including but not limited to the complete abolition of the military, government-paid assisted suicide and government-paid housing.

8 years later, after the Socialist party held 4 consecutive terms in power, the Centrist party won power. However, it declared that it would support the new socialist policies, resulting in the Capitalist party growing due to remaining pro-capitalist sentiment. However, pro-capitalist sentiment has largely faded away since.


Apatosaurus is made up of 3 main islands; Apatosaurus Island in the West, East Apatosaurus in the East and the Isle of Uke. Apatosaurus was initially one island, but split after a volcanic eruption in Mount Uke. This also resulted in the creation of the Isle of Uke.

The main areas of Apatosaurus are Western Apatosaurus, known for having the largest lake in Apatosaurus called Lake Paftsamb, as well as the ruins of the ancient city Ademi, which was destroyed in the early Piusian Civil War; Central Apatosaurus, the most populated area of Apatosaurus and the location of Dinosaurtopia; and the Pius peninsula, notable for having the city Pohi and Mount Pius (named Mount Pius because that was where the original founder of Piusia/Apatosaurus, Louis Pius, was born).

Apatosaurus is mostly made up of bush, though rivers and lakes are very common. There are many large mountains in Apatosaurus, most notably Mount Pius in the Pius Peninsula, Mount Uke, formed from an ancient volcano, and Mount Pafpi in East Apatosaurus.

The area around Central Apatosaurus, Geia and the Isle of Uke is generally rocky, due to the ancient volcanic eruption around 1 million years ago.


The Population of Apatosaurus is 8.82 million Apatosaurs. The largest city in Apatosaurus is Cayiff City, with an estimated population of 833,000. The close second largest city is Dinosaurtopia, at 812,000 estimated population, which also is the Capital City of Apatosaurus. Around 49% of the population lives in cities or urban areas.

The most common language spoken in Apatosaurus is Apatosaurusian, which is directly based from early Piusian language, with influence from Alomian. Alomian is also a commonly spoken and legally recognised national language in Apatosaurus.

In Apatosaurus, religion is extremely rare, and according to the latest census only 2.9% of the Apatosaurusian population identifies as religious. The most common religion in Apatosaurus by far is the indigenous Saurianist religion.

Largest Cities



Metro area population



Cayiff City


Central Apatosaurus




Central Apatosaurus


Casbmi City


Central Apatosaurus


Paftsamb City


Western Apatosaurus




East Apatosaurus




Pius Peninsula




East Apatosaurus


Uke City


Isle of Uke






Apatosaurus takes the form of a socialist, direct democracy. The 3 largest political parties are the Centrist Party, the Socialist Party and the Green Party. Other smaller parties also exist, such as the Capitalist Party and the Nationalist Party. Currently, the Prime Minister is Janet Spinos from the Centrist party, the Deputy Prime Minister is Frederick Jackson from the Socialist party and the Chief Justice is Jo McDavid.

In Apatosaurus, there is no elected Legislature. Instead, all laws are passed by popular referendum, and as such, Apatosaurus is a Direct Democracy. Ministers are also directly elected during General Elections. All Ministers, including the Prime Minister, serve a 2-year term.

Current Cabinet:




Janet Spinos

Centrist Party

Prime Minister

Frederick Jackson

Socialist Party

Deputy Prime Minister

Jo McDavid


Chief Justice

Ambrose Scott

Green Party

World Assembly Ambassador

Milton Glasford

Socialist Party

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Martha Flodman

Socialist Party

Minister of Welfare

Rachel Mosebach

Green Party

Minister of Education

Wallace McSmith

Centrist Party

Minister of Finance

Georgina Clark

Green Party

Minister of Environment

Rose Rahl

Centrist Party

Minister of Immigration

Angelica Clesen

Socialist Party

Minister of Housing

Monica Albert

Green Party

Minister of Health

Courtney Lee

Communist Party

Minister of Art

Eric Malloy

Conservative Party

Minister of Construction

Hector Rodney

Socialist Party

Minister of Sciences

Alice Christopher

Green Party

Minister of Natural Resources

Roger Valentine

Socialist Party

Minister of Police

Lyanna Robertson

Capitalist Party

Minister of Statistics

Timothy Walker


Minister of Emergency Management

Buffy Somerset

Communist Party

Minister of Internal Affairs

Nelson Wood

Green Party

Minister of Transport

Christine Peter

Nationalist Party

Minister of Media

Ray Stevenson

Green Party

Minister of Enterprise

Max Carter

Socialist Party

Minister of Agriculture

Foreign Relations and Military

Apatosaurus has no Military due to a very pacifist culture. However, Apatosaurus maintains strong foreign relations and trade partnership with various nations. Apatosaurus is a member of the World Assembly, and the World Assembly ambassador is currently Ambrose Scott from the Green Party. The Apatosaurusian Delegation has currently authored a number of resolutions in the World Assembly, such as Scott's Repeal "Safety and Integrity in Conflict Journalism" and Access To Euthanasia Services.

The foreign aid budget is high, and will in most cases be used for the humanitarian cause.

Internal Policy

Abortion: Abortion is provided by the government in common clinics as per GAR#499, but is rare as Apatosaurs do not undergo "pregnancy" and the only recipients of abortion are thus non-Apatosaur immigrants, tourists and refugees. Contraception and early abortion are widely available and praised as alternatives to late abortions.

Animal Rights: Apatosaurus maintains a strong stance for animal rights. As Apatosaurs are biologically herbivores, meat-eating is strictly prohibited by law. The deliberate killing of a vertebrate animal, except for the purposes of euthanasia, is a crime and can in some cases be treated as murder.

Death Penalty: Completely abolished

Drugs: Drug use and drug possession are fully decriminalised for adults, but addiction recovery services are free and persons may be required to attend them if they are deemed to pose a danger due to their drug addiction. Selling drugs is heavily penalised, however.

Economy: All corporations are owned by the government, though they are permitted to appoint a CEO to represent them in Government, granting them more autonomy. All essential services such as food and housing are provided by the Government within limits for free.

Firearms: It is extremely illegal to own a firearm, with the only exception being for police in exceptional circumstances.

Healthcare: Healthcare is universal (provided by the government for all). Included is assisted suicide.

Immigration: Permitted, within limits, but immigrants whose species is not an Apatosaur do not have the ability to apply for citizenship.

Refugees: All refugees are permitted to go to Apatosaurus, however they are required to leave after a maximum of 8 years, unless in exceptional circumstances.

Welfare: Anyone that is unemployed or in a state of poverty will recieve a benefit such that they recieve the minimum wage in total upon request.


Economic Indicators

Currency: dollar
Labor Force: 6.09 million
Unemployment: 4.7%
Poverty: 0.4%

As Apatosaurus is Socialist, all industry is owned by the Government. However, a recent policy originally proposed by former Minister of Enterprise and current Prime Minister Dame Janet Spinos, allows companies to appoint a CEO to represent them to the government, granting them more autonomy.

All essential services, such as food, water, housing, education and healthcare, are free and provided (within limits) by the Government. The Welfare net is also very large, which combined with progressive taxes and the Socialist economy is the reason for the extremely low poverty level in Apatosaurus.


In Apatosaurus, various festivals and holidays are celebrated. The biggest festival is founding day, celebrated on the 19th of February. It is the anniversary of both the end of the Piusian Civil War and the independence of Apatosaurus from Alomia. Another major festival is Catherine Pafpi day in the 16th of August, which celebrates the arrival of Catherine Pafpi to Geia from Alomia. The celebration of Catherine Pafpi Day also traditionally involves the manual construction of rafts by trained Apatosaurs, who then use it to travel from Geia, through the Dinosaurtopia strait, around all of Apatosaurus Island, around the Pius Peninsula and landing in the Isle of Uke. This traditionally takes around 2 weeks to complete. Last but not least, one of the largest festivals is Niebade in December 26. It is derived from a similar Alomian festival called "Nevidade". In Niebade, gifts are traditionally given to others, and pine trees are planted. This is believed to have originally been based on the day of the birth of an Alomian diety, "Yesus Chirast".

In sports, by far the most common sport in Apatosaurus is Legball, based on the Alomian sport known as "Fusbal". Another common sport is rafting, which has become traditional due to the history of Apatosaurus, in fact being an important part of celebration in Catherine Pafpi Day.


The transportation system is usually free in short-distance, though it can be expensive for long-distance travel. It is extensive, and bus and train stops are very common. As a result, the use of cars is rare, though they do exist. Due to Apatosaurus' support towards eco-friendly policy, airplane flights are usually very expensive.

Due to Apatosaurus' support of the environment, the most common source of energy is hydropower, which is also used due to the high amount of rivers in Apatosaurus. Many houses also have their own solar panels to generate electricity. Low amounts of electricity are free, though higher amounts tend to be more expensive. Apatosaurus households tend to use a low amount of electricity per capita.

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