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Wormfodder's Pocket Guide to a Fun Time on F7

[font=Times New Roman]For various reasons, I have decided to write a pocket guide about how to do threads F7.
This guide, while not actually being rules, aims to establish some guidelines on do's and don'ts, all so more people can have a good time on F7.
This Guide will be expanded as needed.
[spoiler=Glossary][list][*]AU = Above User[*]AN = Above Nation[*]BN = Below Nation[*]/skip = A tag to show that this post should be skipped, usually done by the user to make sure that his comments on things or discussions don't hinder the game.[*]/stillme = a tag used to show that it is still that users turn. Either done after a discussion makes it a bit unclear whose turn it is, or to make a point against people who make a no-effort post, use it for the latter one sparingly.[*]/bump = A tag used to simply bring a thread up, when you either can't do a real post, but still want the thread to not get archived.[/list][/spoiler][table=plain][tr]
[td][box][align=center][size=200]Quote AN Out of Context Threads[/size][/align]
In these threads, the goal generally should be to quote things that are either weird, really screwed up or generally an antithesis of who the AU or AN is. Random words just aren't that good.
In addition, here are sources you should avoid:
[*]Factbooks, as there are other threads for that purpose.
[*]Threads where sentences, words or letters get distorted, as it isn't really something the user said.
[*]Threads where a sentence get's translated.
[*]AN's Signature
[*]Things that are generated by Nationstates
[/list]Also: Make sure to check that is actually AN's quote you are reacting to. The view users post part tends to be screwy with showing quotes.
Optimally, your quote even contains the post link of the post you are putting out of context.[/box][hr]
Doubleposting: The act of posting with only 1 other poster inbetween, essentially reacting to the guy who reacted to your post. This is seen quite negatively and should not be done, as it is rather spammy. Please do not do that.[/box][hr]
[box][align=center][size=200]Learning from AN's Factbooks[/size][/align]
Here, several rules apply.
[*]While no novella are expected, you should at least sift through their factbooks and try to pick out things you normally wouldn't expect or think about. [*]Surface level knowledge isn't something you should put in that thread. It merely shows you put no effort in, but expect others to do it for you.
[*]Actually make sure the knowledge you gathered is correct and not false. 
[*]While not a nessecity, making a small comment on it is always appreciated and shows you actually gave other users writing a thought.
[*]Dispatches very much count as factbooks, so don't go ignoring them. A lot of users use them for stylisation purposes. At least use the ones that you can access via the factbooks themselves.
[td][box][align=center][size=200]React to AN's thing threads[/size][/align]
In these threads, it's important that you actually interact with the things of AN. So read their Factbooks, listen to their music properly, watch the videos they provide, etc.[hr][align=center][size=150]Addendum: Reaction to AN's Characters&Factbooks[/size][/align]
While noone expects you to write a novel, please at least write something that shows you actually read the Factbooks about the topic of the thread from AN. Make like 3 lines, show that you know what you write about and do not write generic stuff, that's an easy way to get you get skipped and invoke the ire of a lot of people. [/box][hr]
[box][align=center][size=200]I got Ninja'd, wat do?[/size][/align]
Don't worry, chances are that you and the User who ninja'd you, just happened to post at the same time. Just give him a headsup via a Telegram and ya should be good to go. I personally let a ninja do it, but the style is up to you.
[align=center][size=150]Addendum: The Skip was actually deliberate[/size][/align]
In that case, the reason is important. If it was because your post was bad, it probably can be fixed by simply making your post not-bad and then telling the one who skipped you that.
If they skipped you for other reasons and don't fix it after asking, use of the /stillme is certainly possible. 
While one generally would think that being active is a good thing, it can be a negative depending on the situation.
Particularly, in threads like React to AN's News/Quotes/etc., where it is very much possible to be active to a degree where people run out of things to react to. 

In the news Thread for example, one has to update their news in an amount of time that is based on their posting quantity in that thread. The more you post there, the more often your news should update.
Conversely, it is fine to update them seldomly if you rarely post in it.

In the Out of Context threads meanwhile, if you just post all the time in that thread, you run into the problem that there isn't really any good thing the BN can actually put out of context that YOU wrote.

You don't have to like Anime, but that's still no excuse to be lazy.
Even if someone has an anime girl on their flag or banner, rate or interpret them properly. You can subtract points, but play the forum games properly at least.[/box]
Also read [url=]Valentine Z's guide[/url] for additional information, a more elaborate glossary and even keybindings!
[spoiler=Guide Chapter Prefab]