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Aurelian Advocate Issue Two

🗞️ Aurelian Advocate 🗞️
September Edition

📅 Monthly Update 📅

Hello! Welcome to the second edition of the Aurelian Advocate. Brought to you by the Department of Internal Affairs. Take a look at this dispatch to get a better understanding on what has been going on in the last few weeks! I'll try to make things as simple as I possibly can!

⚔️Aurelian Legions⚔️

The Aurelian Legions have been started again! We welcome all residents and citizens of the Aurelius and her colonies to join the Legions and participate in operations to expand the Empire!

Roleplay Reset

Our roleplay has just been newly reset for a new session! The consuls and roleplay moderators are reforming the roleplay rules in order to have a more professional roleplaying environment, so now is the time to join! Join the Discord Linkhere to get involved!

Special Consul Elections

The Special Consul Elections have ended! Rammazro, Takegashii, and Pata lata have been elected Consuls! Congratulations to the winners. Our government now looks like this:






Concorde Dawn II

Consul of Internal Affairs


Consul of Foreign Affairs


Consul of the Arts


Consul of Intelligence


Consul of Colonies

Pata lata

🏛️ Aurelian Government Reforms🏛️

To go more into depth about the current roleplay reforms, the current map has just been wiped of all nations and is being redesigned. Roleplay moderators have temporarily had their powers revoked and all rp has been halted for the duration of the reform period. Expect roleplay to not be renewed until a new map has been drawn up and concrete rules set in place.
The current roleplay rules should be considered obsolete. A new set is currently being drafted and will be available soon. Keep this in mind if you are going to join the Discord to RP!

📃 Legislation 📃

Lastly, I suggest revisiting our legislation dispatch because some new changes have been made. Whatever your status is within our region, the new changes may apply to you, so make sure to have a read!

The Consular Archives

The Concorde Dawn Consular Archives have now begun construction! A basic outline can be found here; LinkConsular Archives. These will ensure that the history of Aurelius is preserved for the future citizens of the Empire. These will be updated by the previous Augustus, every time a new Consular is elected. These will also be maintained by the Executive Council, made up of the Princeps, Augustus, Imperator and Legatus.


Finally, make sure to join the Discord in order to better your Aurelian experience, and to have the opportunity to roleplay. We also hit 100 nations recently, I am so very proud of the region for reaching such a milestone. Thanks for reading!

Written by Takegashii,
Edited by Vamperian

The Imperator of Vamperian