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Re-elect Harkagrad for Celtia!

Why should I be re-elected?

If I do say so myself, I have put in as much effort as I possibly could in this last term, trying as hardest as I could to build up and strengthen Celtia as a region. This effort has not been in vein, as it has translated into much success for the region. I have managed to: implement 3 new acts that strengthen our justice system, create many ties with other regions, raise Celtia's popualtion by 40 nations (15 above my initial target), create a functioning defender military, constantly run recreational polls, hold a weekly event where citizens can ask me questions, and create the beginnings of a roleplay. And so, I'm asking you to re-elect me for the position of Head Minister because I believe I can give more to our great region.
What is my further vision for Celtia?

  • Firstly, I intend for Celtia to have an 'informational revolution', as I like to call it. What I mean by it, is to overhaul Celtia's current system of providing and displaying information to it's citizens, and improve it. This will hopefully, make it easier for new nations to better understand Celtia and NationStates as a whole, better inform citizens on regional matters, and allow for easier navigation of Celtia's official documents and resources.

  • Secondly, I intend to further the achievements of Celtia's Foreign Office. This will be done through a multitude of different things, one of these things is furthering Celtia's foreign ties, by strengthening our current ties, and creating new ones. Also, I intend to further expand Celtia's nation count, increasing it up to that 100-150 nation sweetspot (not too quiet, but not too crouded). Furthermore, I intend for Celtia to sign an official alliance treaty with the LDA, to increase ties with each other.

  • And lastly, with the 'back to school' period, it is guranteed that all regions take a hit in activity, with school-age people having less time on NationStates. And so, I will make efforts to increase, or at least sustain, activity and participation in regional life, at this difficult time. This will be done by implenting a range of new events, for citizens to participate in.

What will I do in my second term as HM?
  1. The Revolution of Information

    1. Master Dispatch and Law Hub: I intend to create two directory documents, a master dispatch and a law hub. The master dispatch will provide links to all of Celtia's important documents and regions. The Law Hub will provide links to the Law Archive, current laws, and past laws.

    2. Newspaper: I intend to for Celtia to have a regional newspaper, to inform citizens on Celtia-related matters. This newspaper will release issues monthly, and will be entirely unbiased in its content. Hopefully, this newspaper will increase citizen interest in regional matters.

    3. Approved Languages Act: A proposal will be sent to the Druidic Council, that does 2 things. Firstly, it will set out the languages that can legally be used in Celtia, and provide legal protection for these languages. And Secondly, it will mandate that all official Celtian documents have translations available for the languages allowed and protected in this law.

  2. The Furthering of Foreign Affairs

    1. Increasing Foreign Ties: I will work with the Foreign Office to increase the number of ties with other regions. I also intend to strengthen our current ties, beyond simple embassies.

    2. 120 Nation Target: On the matter of recruitment, I will ensure that the Foreign Office continues to send out recruitment telegrams. I pledge that I will not stand for re-election if we do not reach this target of 120 nations by the end of my term on the 1st of January 2022.

    3. Celtia-LDA treaty: I intend for Celtia to have a treaty with the Liberty Democratic Alliance, that declares the two regions as official allies, and includes agreements designed to further bring our regions closer together.

  3. The Upgrading of Home Affairs

    1. Daily Questions: Every day, a question will be publicly asked on the RMB, for citizens to answer. These questions will co-exist with the current 3-day polls, and will hopefully increase citizen participation in regional life.

    2. Roleplay: I intend to finalise the construction of the roleplay, and launch it by the end of my term (1st of January 2022). It was a shame that it wasnít launched already, due to Stolklandís real-life obligations (no fault of his, real-life comes first). However, it will hopefully be launched in this term.

    3. Government Approval Polls: At the end of every month, a poll will be launched. This poll will ask citizens whether they approve or disapprove of the governmentís performance during the month.

Who will be in my Government?
  1. My nominations for the Cabinet

    1. Home Officer: [nation]Sirian[/nation - Someone who has put in more than enough work as Foreign Officer for 2 terms, deserves a rest. Hopefully, the position of Home Officer won't be so demanding, but I'm sure they'll still do their very best in the role.

    2. Foreign Officer: [nation]Vereichyle[/nation - They have more than proved themself as Home Officer, so I have no doubt they will serve Celtia well as Foreign Officer. Though, I believe they're already qualified enough to be Head Minister.

  2. Who I recommend for other regional duties

    1. High Judge: [nation]Stolklland[/nation - Trustworthy, Skilled and Loyal to the Law: Stolk is ideal for this position, given that they cannot be as active on NS (due to RL reasons), but still wish to do what they can for this region.

    2. WA Delegate: [nation]Sailiopia[/nation - A veteran delegate, serving for 3 terms in Lorania. I (and I'm sure everyone else) has no difficultly in trusting them as Celtia's representative in the WA.

    3. Councillor: [nation]Sailiopia[/nation - As a former Council Head, they know their way around a regional legislature, and well. They are someone that everyone can trust, especially when deciding Celtia's laws.

    4. Councillors: [nation]Sirian[/nation and [nation]Iowa Territory[/nation - They have served as Councillors last term, and well. I'm sure they can do just as well this next council term.

That's all, I hope to be in your ranking on the day!

The Republic of Cilgwri