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Forest Keeper Campaign 2021 Part 2 (Fall Expansion)

~ Jutsa for 11th Forest Keeper 2021 ~
A platform of Environmental Conquest

Greetings, my humble allies. The Grand Council of Jutsa (hereon referred to as "I" as well as "It") has announced its running for Forest Keeper in 2021, and it plans to bring with it some significant changes. It sees a wonderful region, but it also sees a disturbing cognitive dissonance lying within its member states. A lie we all live with. It's time to make things right, and bring the idea of Ecological CONQUEST back into the region of Forest through a series of superiorly detailed and definitely not overcomplicated plans.


Same schtick as earlier this year yadda yadda yadda lets got on with the interesting stuff. Actually most of my campaign is going to have to relate to this because this campaign is technically for all of 2021 because I didn't piece together that there were two election seasons a year at the time, so I guess I'm stuck with two campaigns now.

World Assembly and Gameplay Policy:

I promised last campaign that if I won this time, I would create a new form of military gameplay that would wreak havoc on the World Assembly. I'm talking about an Anti-Establishmantarianism approach. We shall liberate and defend environmentally purified regions, but cause destruction and mayhem everywhere else. We shall also quorum raid extensively. Forest represents the peak of democracy, and quorum raiding is undemocratic, so to make sure we put stricter protections in place, we shall quorum raid non-stop until the moderators give in and make quorum raiding substantially more difficult. There will be no laughter, lots of crying, and an excruciating amount of pain and tree planting. #savethetrees

Also our organization could be have a cool name like Military Action Reserve Services Hyperregional (and Allies), i.e. MARSH(+all)

Environmental Conquest of the Map:

One of my primary functions as Forest Keeper is to single-handedly quadruple the size of the existing Forest map, and have no less than one hundred variations of it made. In addition, I will painstakingly evict every last nation from the map so as to make it entirely Uncharted Wilderness. This is to ensure that no civilization can exist on the planet ever, and will ultimately lead Forest to achieve perfection. The map will become the forest. Forest will become the map. Everything and nothing but the map at the same time will be classified as the map.

I will also evict every nation out of the Forest and have Ruinenlust password-protect it to preserve the region's forests along with the beautiful map. As such, quorum raiding will have to be more of a symbolic, regionless type of thing with no home world.

I will still donate $500 to an environmental charity of your choice. Eventually. Maybe.[/size]

Jelly Beans:
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