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| OOC | About me: What I believe in, and who I am (Within reason, of course)

Who creates Tsarstvo Alyaski? :: Other statements of importance and stuff, I guess

So... How should I start this? Well, I'll decide to be honest with both myself, and whomever views this in the way I handle more casual writing, because eh. Why not? It's not like I've got much to hide. Well, actually that's a lie, I do have some stuff to hide, though naturally that's for privacy and not out of any ill will. For instance, I won't be revealing my real name here (Instead, I will go by my usual alias), nor my true location and perhaps some other details which may incriminate who I am and where I live... I hope you all can understand that.

So anyways, with that out of the way, hello! So, first of all I may be known on NationStates as Tsarstvo Alyaski, but relative to my other projects this Nation is older, and potentially less well known than my others. For instance, most of you might know me moreso as The Realm (Princessdom) of Hyrule, or there may even be the slightest chance you recognise the name La Troisieme Republique Francaise (The Third Republic of France)... By any means, I have an alias of which I have used for years before even Tsarstvo Alyaski, and that is my Discord username, GrangerAir.02. So, if you want to refer to me by any name that isn't my various nations', then that should do it.

---So... I guess I should start with: Who am I?

Well, to answer that question, I shall do a little quick fire round here: So, I am male and... Well, I have no interest in males so that makes me comfortably heterosexual, though more power to those who are attracted to the same sex, honestly. I can tell you I am as old as the early years of the new millennium, though that's as far as I am willing to go. To continue a previous statement, I have never seen myself in a relationship to this date, though I am certainly not against such a premonition. For now though, it is this website which takes up most of my time, though when I'm not schitzoposting on the F7 forums, interacting with my region or writing lore for my nations (This remaster of Tsarstvo Alyaski is the one of which I am focusing most of my attention on right now), I am either hanging out with family, playing on my PlayStation 3, or crying about my futile life contemplating my future, though without any effort in actually changing it for the better because I'm stinky... I am British, and I still live in the United Kingdom today. I am not bilingual at this moment of time, though I have aspirations to learn Russian (Though I am actually useless to committing to anything I do). NationStates has proper consumed me at this point, though I also enjoy roleplaying in general, playing a good destruction """simulator""" on the PS3 (Looking at you, Just Cause 2) and learning about history. Namely I have an interest in both very ancient history, like learning about places like Newgrange, Çatalhöyük etc. and history from the mid 19th century up to WW1, though my interests cover much more that I'm not elaborating on currently.

Anyways, quick fire round over, I guess... I assume that this has shed some light on myself, and trust me. I don't mind doing it (After all, I'm writing this, aren't I?)

Let me be real for a moment, I certainly am not very conclusive on political ideology... I am quite impressionable when it comes to that certain topic, and my views and beliefs in the way a people should run themselves can change quite easily... It has become quite the personal mission of mine to come to a conclusion on the matter, and most certainly in a satisfactory way as well, for to define my own political ideology would be pretty great, I'm not going to lie... Anyways, I come closer to a conclusive answer by the day, for instance I'm almost certain that I believe more in the power of a central government than liberalism, because I have come to have distrust in the individual, considering... Well, how many "different" people are out there. By any means, right now I am moreso inclined into the belief of Centrist Socialism, actually... Whilst I have some sympathies for the ideals of traditional Marxist and Communist belief, at the end of the day I am a pacifist at heart, and belief that reformation of government over revolution to topple a system would indeed be a better option, sooooooooo...

The logo above all of this is of the LinkIndependent Social Democratic Party of Germany, a political party which existed in Weimar Germany until 1931 and perhaps one of the more famous political representations of Centrist Socialism.
---The most conflicted topic currently within my life: Political Ideology

So, let me move onto a subject of which has caused conflict within my life for about a year now... Nah, just kidding, it really isn't that bad, but nevertheless it does bug me from time to time... Okay, let me preface this with a few statements. Yes, this next statement is indeed about Politics (Cry about it). I understand that a lot of people don't give two sh*ts about the subject, and honestly more power to you for that. Nevertheless, I find the subject of Politics inherently interesting, but I won't try to convince you that it is if you don't care. Secondly, I realise that my current political views may be considered a little. Abnormal to some... There are reasons to why I believe in what I believe in, though I don't let it affect my personal life or interactions with others (Or at least, I try my best). Nevertheless, I welcome proper criticism to my... Frankly schizophrenic political views, after all, as I have already mentioned I am still quite impressionable and I shall continue to explore my political views.
Anyways, I shall dive into the topic now.

So, throughout the past few years, I believe that I have truly begun to explore my own political views properly... I remember that when I was a few years younger than what I am now, I used to be quite liberal indeed... In my naivety, I had the belief that everybody should have the possibility of true liberty and that people should be entitled to do whatever the f#*k they wish... Granted, I still most certainly believe that central authority shouldn't be sticking cameras in people's back gardens, nor listen into everybody's private conversations, but I digress. I guess you could call me Social Liberal back in the day. Anyways, when COVID hit is when I really started thinking about it... The reason I lean towards the power of central authority (Within reason, of course) is because of the outbreak, and how people would seemingly do everything in their power to spread the poxy virus, justifying it with "I command my own life, and the government won't stop me from doing whatever I want to do!"... I thought of myself as more tory leaning, and on the Authoritarian Right spectrum of the political compass for a while, in fact up until only like, a month or two ago. Nevertheless, I truly despise the Conservative Party of the UK and the idiocy in how they operate. My views on the state of Education and Welfare in this country most certainly affect my views as well. Mainly, I believe that the people in power will usually partake in their own, selfish actions and would rather wallow in the riches of government than actively do their jobs in assisting the men and women of which they are supposed to rule over, and most certainly I believe that the current state of UK government need a proper reboot.
This is why I have come into a certain socialist leaning recently, and with the addition on how events have transpired within the COVID pandemic, I believe in the authority of a government that actually cares to empower the majority of people who live in this country: The economically deprived lower classes. When I say all of that, your mind may jump to the good 'olde Red Banner of Communism, and for that... Well, you may be partly correct... However, I believe the way in which Traditional Communism approaches the political situation as inherently wrong, and backwards. At the end of the day, this opinion of mine is shifted because of how pacifist I am when it comes to matters of violence: From civil strife to full-out warfare... I hope that Socialism can be achieved through reformation of government rather than the complete overthrow of it through revolution, as in civil strife, as proven time and time again, it will only cause another group to rise to the top and exploit those below, sometimes intentionally and sometimes completely unintentionally...

By any means, I keep myself to myself most of the time, and I refuse to get a so-called "Boner for Socialism" and make it my sole mission to convince others of my beliefs. People are, in general entitled to believe in whatever political ideology they want to, as long as it isn't inherently causing harm like Neo-Nazism or Stalinism. I understand that no matter what kind of government is out there, there are always going to be problems and arguments against it. Only that as of current, I believe that the ideology that I believe in (Which is Centrist Socialism btw) is perhaps the best resolution towards an inherently impossible to fully address problem.

Anyways, I hope this little factbook thing of mine sheds some light onto the most schitzophrenic NationStates player... Well, myself! I am still relatively young, and so is my time on NationStates, but so far I've enjoyed most of it, yes indeed. Anyways, remember to have a great day!