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Top Secret 04 and 05: OO File 047322 and 047323

BRIEF 047322: Territorial Outpost (TO) <currently believed to be> located in 'Werd 9-35 Tera' discussed previously in BRIEF 047301 has seen 4.5 months of Infrastructure. TO has since been expanded and a boundary defined. Access is secure through a <!#!#!#!> Points of Faults (POS). Access is still limited to only Creh and <!select> NAF 01 RN Joint Operatives and NAF 03 RN Phantom Divers.


BRIEF 047323: MT assigns Nots with Mission, Status: approved by U/3 awaiting Lih's green signal. Mission is to infiltrate lower Ieungchu Archipelago, recently armed by its behind the scenes ally Syiont and <!#!#!#!> take down Dictator and Religious Disciple of sorts - 'Min' or The Sinless Martyr or the 'One'. MT warns Inland is active with Z+ Soldiers.

The Federation of Wrengoh