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The Finals

Hosts: Empress Anne of Cleves III & Heir-Apparent Anne of Cleves IV

Venue: Ashkenzic International Music Stadium

Time: 5:00 PM

Anne of Cleves III: Welcome, nations of the Pacific, welcome to TNPV XIX! Me and my sister, Anne of Cleves IV will be hosting this edition in Ashkenzic International Music Stadium, in New Cleves!

Anne of Cleves IV: For those of you who donít know, Ashkenzic was the name of my father and my elder sisterís stepfather. He was from the now nonexistent nation of Bala Mantre. He would be proud to know that we, the monarchy of the Clevesian Empire, are finally hosting TNPV!!!!

*loud applause*

Anne of Cleves III: Indeed he would! Speaking of which, if you havenít read the factbook, you might not know why we are hosting. After all, the government of the Province of Ihese within the lands of Republica Guilleana was supposed to be hosting this time around. Alas, thatís not the case.

*gasps from the audience*

Anne of Cleves III: If any of you are confused right now or have simply forgotten what happened, we have put together a small video about it. Enjoy!

*video starts*

*end of video*


Anne of Cleves IV: Um, sis? Did you put references to the two previous songs we entered into TNPV?

Anne of Cleves III: *laughs while blushing* UhÖyes. Yes I did.


Anne of Cleves III: Anyways, in honor of the four TNPV contestants who declined to host, weíve decided to play their songs from TNPV XVIII here! Enjoy!






Anne of Cleves IV: And of course, hereís the song that put us in the line of hosting succession to begin with!

*massive applause*

Anne of Cleves III: Fun fact, this song lead to the current cursed personal union we have today, the Titanium Fist Union. Yes, I made that up myself, and yes, Iím obsessed with this song.


Anne of Cleves IV: Now before we listen to this editionís songs, letís remind ourselves of the typical voting formatÖ

Voting Template

12 points: Country

10 points: Country

8 points: Country

7 points: Country

6 points: Country

5 points: Country

4 points: Country

3 points: Country

2 points: Country

1 point: Country

Anne of Cleves III: And here are the songs!


Anne of Cleves in TNP
Song: Survivor by Destinyís Child

Song: Learning to Fly by Sheppard
Song: No Roots by Alice Merton

The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg
Song: Counting Stars by OneRepublic

Song: Boss B*tch by Doja Cat

Song: Never Really Over by Katy Perry

Eternal Dominion
Song: My Wena by Bowling for Soup

Song: Revenge by CaptainSparklez

Weeeest viiiiirginiaaaa
Song: Feed the Machine by Poor Manís Poison

Song: Chalo by Celina Sharma

Song: Mr. Brightside by The Killers

Song: Cíest La Vie by Khaled

The Eastern Germanic Peoples
Song: Whatís Up Danger by Blackway & Black Caviar

Nordic-British Union
Song: Blue to Blue by CloudNone

Song: Magic by Olivia Newton-John

Song: Darkside by Alan Walker

United Engiresco
Song: Sori ni Utaeba by Hiromu Akita

Song: Together Forever by Rick Astley

Song: Apesar de VocÍ by Chico Buarque


Anne of Cleves III: Now before we move on to the votes, I have some announcements. First, Oannia has not voted, and their points will be reduced to zero.


Anne of Cleves III: But wait, it gets even more crazy! Esthe, who entered in using Mr. Brightside by The Killers, has voluntarily dropped out of the competition!

*even louder gasps and some murmurs*

Anne of Cleves IV: I wonder what changes will occur because of this, hopefully weíll be boosted up into a higher rank.

Anne of Cleves III: Exactly. Anyways, here are the votes!

Anne of Cleves III: Alright folks, itís time to find out who will win. Will Ihese or Kartujia, who have won TNPV many times, add another tally to their scoreboard? Will Katuda or Ethnon win, perhaps? Or will my great empire finally get its first true win? Well, letís find out together, shall we?

In 17th place, with 25 votes, itís

In 16th place, with 26 votes, itís

In 15th place, with 30 votes, itís

In 14th place, with 31 votes, itís

In 13th place, with 36 votes, itís

In 12th place, with 38 votes, itís

In 11th place, with 40 votes, itís

In 10th place, with 43 votes, itís


Anne of Cleves IV: We now have reached the Top 10! This is getting interesting, letís continue!

In 9th place, with 47 votes, itís

In 8th place, with 58 votes, itís

In 7th place, with 60 votes, itís

In joint 5th/6th place, both with 73 votes, itís

Tringapore and Ihese!

Anne of Cleves III: Okay, so now weíve approached the Final Four: Memester, Katuda, The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg, and of course, Anne of Cleves in TNP! Place your bets on who will win this folks, here we go!

In 4th place, with 78 votes, itís

In 3rd place, with 83 votes, itís, wait for itÖ

In 2nd place, with 84 votes, itís

*lots of applause*

Anne of Cleves III: Wow, that was a very close margin, but Iím happily accepting the bronze medal! And now, without further ado, the winner of TNPV XIX, with a mind-blowing 117 votes, isÖ

*standing ovation*

Anne of Cleves III: Congrats to Skaraborg on winning the competition! OneRepublic has truly asserted their dominance this time around, and with a song everyone knows! Thanks for letting me and my sister host this edition in New Cleves.

Anne of Cleves IV: Weíll see everyone in TNPV XX!

Anne of Cleves III: Good night, North Pacific!

*massive applause*