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An Art Contest! An exhibition of your artistic talents! Not here, Not today, though!
This is a slightly unique art contest more focused on the process of art creation than the art itself. This contest aims at just creating fun artworks with a nerf, to bring all on a level playing field regardless of your artistic talents, more or less. Do not hesitate to participate, even a 5 minute doodle is a perfectly acceptable entry.This contest is meant to be casual, there is no reason to be self-conscious about your artwork in this contest. Just send it whatever doodle you make and have fun with it.This contest is meant to be casual, there is no reason to be self-conscious about your artwork in this contest. Just send whatever doodle you make and have fun with it. Just like this Linkexample

1)Digital art only. Made in Windows Paint app or any equivalent application(see note for suggestion), using mouse/trackpad only. Do not use a stylus or any other drawing tools.
2)The art must be hand-drawn and relevant to the given theme. This is a drawing competition, not an editing competition.
3)Submit only one artwork along with a title & short description of your artwork.
4)Please submit the artwork as a link(imgur or any image hosting website)
5)The artwork must follow NS site rules as well as the NPO Civil Code.(strictly PG-13)
6)Judge’s decision will be final.

First Place: Legendary Card/ Change LoD’s Forum Avatar for a week (or Ender’s Discord pfp)
Second Place: NPO’s January Theme / 5 Epic Cards
Third Place: Theme of Next Karaoke / 5 UltraRare Cards
Winners may have the chance to have their artwork featured in the Monthly Pacifican Media Newsletter!

Submission Deadline: 30th September, 2021



The results of the scuffed paint art contest are here! Everyone who participated in this contest is a winner. The aim of the contest was to have fun creating art without feeling self-conscious about your artwork. Even though, I said everyone’s a winner, we have to acknowledge those who did a really good job at it (also because it is a contest!). There were a lot of interesting submissions and I personally loved all of them. The artworks were judged by 4 judges ( East Durthang , The Seeker of Power , Xoriet & Greyghost). Each artwork was scored out of 10 by each judge, every artwork was judged anonymously to ensure impartiality.

Now the results,
In the first place is a propaganda meme N-day inspired art by Nullity featuring a sparkling chihuahua and the Potato alliance.
Description by the artist:
Enderhuahua x Potato = \BOOM/ NPO \BOOM/
Bad Enderhuahua!
The Pink Sparkles Got to Enderhuahua's Head

""i accidentally shot down our own nukes
I forgot I was on Potato faction's page searching targets and got alarmed seeing the massive incoming nukes
I wasted my shields""
—Enderhuahua, N-Day"

The second place goes to an Anonymous submission. The art cannot be included on request of the participant.

The Third Prize: To the masterpiece by Wubdich.
Description by the artist:
"Title: ""You're in here forever!""

The art depicts how valued member's retirement goal is blown up under approval of his greatest enemies."

The consolation prize goes to the radioactive potatoes of Sputtopia. The Crabs sure did nuke them to the moon.
Description by the artist:
A plate of radioactive potato's on a scorched landscape under the moon. Next to the plate is a sign with text.

Congratulations to all the winners and Thank you for all the submissions.

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Submission Link: LinkLink

Contact Ender#7329 (on Discord) or TG (End666) for any queries.

In case you don’t have a Windows System, you can use as an alternative for Paint app.