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The Empire of Tertania

Flag of Tertania

Motto: "Failure is not Fatal."


Population: 587.3 million (2021 census)

Capital: Isonphis
Largest City: Isonphis

Official Language: English

Demonym: Tertanian

- President: Allison Lane
- Vice President: Joel Osborne

Highest Point: Muireen's Point, 3,041m

GDP (nominal): 108 trillion Tertans
GDP (nominal) per capita: 41,265 Tertans

HDI (2021):

Currency: Tertans

Time Zone: UTC+3

Drives on the: Left side

Calling code: +350

Internet TLD: .tn


The Empire of Tertania, commonly called Tertania, is a country located in northwestern Usea. It is bordered to the south by Feuraxia, to the southeast by Deman Kalan and to the east is the Kyratean Autonomous Zone (previously called Kyrate; name was changed after surrender to Tertanian forces). According to the 2021 census, 587.3 million people live in Tertania. On the 14th of September 2021, Tertania set up their first overseas military base on the small, southern island of Minoria.

Tertania is located in a geographically important location as it has the ability to regulate traffic through the Northern River (called the Southern River in Tertania). Tertania has the second largest population in LoPN, only behind The Dixie Confederate Union. It leads LoPN in several categories such as HDI, Lifespan and Intelligence. Tertania is ranked by the WA as the 4th most influential nation in the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators.

The Empire of Tertania is an immense nation of 587.3 million citizens, a number that fluctuates constantly. The form of government is known as Democratic Socialists, which is defined by some as an enlightened form of socialism marked by the populace having a measure of political freedom yet having most of the infrastructure controlled by the government. The beloved national animal of Tertania is the raven. The economy of Tertania is classified as Frightening, which means, the Tertania Economy is one of the strongest, most volatile, Frightening economic systems in The World. The economy is tied to the strength and value of the Tertan, its national currency and is driven by the Information Technology industry where much of the population is employed in some capacity or another. Civil Rights in Tertania is classified as Below Average , which means, that while mostly free from being regularly incarcerated by the government of Tertania, civil rights proponents remind the public that their rights are still Below Average. Political Freedom in Tertania is classified as Average , which means, that the typical nation in The World, the Average nation in The World, has the same amount of Political Freedom that the citizens of Tertania do.

The Empire of Tertania is a juggernaut of military might and power and is not afraid to show it on a regular basis. Tertania, while not completely neglecting its less fortunate citizens, contributes a paltry amount of its budget to Welfare. The bureaucrats of Tertania take their forms and reports very seriously and legions of bean counters spend vast resources on making sure Administration is running in tip top shape so that the government gets the best return on investment. While there is some sense of Social Equality in The Empire of Tertania, the government does not concentrate much of its time or budget on it leaving many out in the cold on social initiatives like education and employment. Tertania is a strikingly beautiful nation of clear skies and pristine beaches which gives one an overwhelming sense of healthiness due to the fairly heavy governmental contributions to the Environment. The Tertania Defence Forces are neither paltry nor overwhelming in this nation that can defend itself against even formidable foes. Commerce in Tertania is fairly healthy where there are more SuperConglomoMarts per capita than in most of its neighbors. Education is often a topic of great budgetary debate and a fairly major concern of the government of Tertania. Planes, Trains and Automobiles dominate Tertania's well-funded Public Transportation system touted by many as some of the most reliable around. The HealthCare system in Tertania is all-encompassing and permeates most facets of life incorporating everything from wellness to well-being, from exercise to employment, from scoop to nuts and most things in between. Crime is very low in The Empire of Tertania due to the current administration's enthusiasm for strict Law and Order policies in all facets of life.

The Empire of Tertania has provided zero budget resources to the following areas:



A map of several named geographical locations in Tertania and Kyrate is visible on the right.

  • Adiac Island was first discovered by explorer Henry Adiac in the year 1571. Adiac proclaimed that the rulers of old were all cursed and that this new island would prosper under his rule. The exploration party he had settled on the island with believed in his words and set up settlement on the island. After 4 months, winter came and the island froze, its temperature dropping massively and the entire settlement freezing to death. After 2 years, another expedition went to the island and found the eery abandoned settlement. Adiac's journal was found and the island was named after him.

  • West Radden Island was discovered by Mike Radden who had also discovered Radden Island and East Radden Island in the year 1554. He reported his findings to the official cartography union of the Kingdom of Tertania who named the island in his honour.

  • Radden Island was discovered by Mike Radden.

  • East Radden Island was discovered by Mike Radden.

  • Rockfoot Island was Mike Radden's final discovery. Two days after landing on the island, Radden lost his footing and put his foot through a sharp rock. His foot was completely split in half and he soon died from an infection he had gained. The island was abandoned by his crew that had become lost without their leader.

  • Kristov Island was found by explorer Ben Smith. As Rockfoot Island and Mac's Island had already been discovered, Ben Smith wanted to name something after himself. He went back to King Phillip Kristov to propose the name. Kristov accused the explorer of being cursed by the devil in the form of "excessive greed" and had him executed on the spot. Kristov then named the island after himself.

  • Mac's Island is one of the few islands in the Hakon Sea that actually maintains a relatively large population.

  • Isle of Zere was found by explorer Sam Harte. Harte named the island after his father, Zere, who was also a medieval equivalent of a scientist. To this day, the Isle of Zere has maintained the tradition of housing a research crew and small laboratory.

  • Birdsong Island was discovered by Mike Radden. It is noted in his journal that the island was "home to a beautiful tune that echoed through the air; I must find whatever majestic creature produces this song."

  • Wingman Isle is believed to have a different name. Historians believe that the island was only named that after Mike Radden's discovery of Birdsong Island, even though it is likely that Birdsong Island was discovered after Wingman Isle.

  • Dunlop's Gap was a gift to a girl from King Kristov. Kristov believed that naming the location after the girl would make her love him. It did not change the girl's opinion, and 4 days after she rejected Kristov, he hung himself.

  • Lake Grimdare has an eery history. 3 boys, believed to be somewhere between the ages of 7 and 11 years of age, had went to the lake together - only two of the boys had returned. They had confessed that they had dared the other boy to enter the lake and swim as far as he could. As the water got deeper, the boy was unable to handle it and begun to drown. The other two boys did not notice him drowning which subjected him to a scary fate. The boys had said it was a "... grim dare," which is where the lake gets its name from. It is believed the lake is haunted by the boy, and in respect (or more likely fear), locals do not dare swim in or even approach the lake between 19:00 and 21:30, which is the time the boy was believed to have drowned during.

  • Gambourg Mountain Range is Tertania's largest mountain range and home to Muireen's Point, Tertania's highest mountain. The mountain range was named after tyrannical King Gambourg of the North. A massive castle is visible on the northwestern side of the mountain range, which was previously home to King Gambourg.

  • Anchor's Point was the origin point of the material's gathered to make anchors in the medieval Fuolopis shipyards.

  • Darkwater Bay was, as its name suggests, named for the darkness of the water. It is described as being "nearly pitch black; it's like staring into a black hole, or Jameson King's heart."

  • Lake Chiside was named after King Chiside of the Kyratean Kingdom.

  • Mount Chiside was named after King Chiside of the Kyratean Kingdom. It stands out as being one of the few mountains in a very flat country. It is also Kyrate's highest peak at 1,787m.

  • The Okopon Resovoir was a small lake that was artificially expanded to make room for more water. A large dam is downstream which produces enough power to keep the entire region lighted at night.

  • The Okopon Split is the split between the Okopon River that exits into Darkwater Bay and the river Syme.

  • Oakfell Island was named by explorer Max Goodwin who discovered it in 1407. Goodwin met his fate after an oak tree suddenly fell and crushed him, which was the event that gave the island its name.

  • Monroe Island was named after King Monroe of the Western Tertanian Kingdom. There is a relatively large settlement on the southern coast of the island.

  • Delcroft Island was named after King Monroe's successor, King Delcroft.

  • The Bay of Stars is named for its beautiful on the stars at night. The lack of light pollution upon a number of other optimal conditions allows for nearly every star in the night sky to be visible.

  • Beaker's Point was named after King Monroe's predecessor, King Beaker. It is the westernmost point of the Tertanian mainland.

  • The Stidion Canal was put together to allow easier transport into the river Syme, instead of having to go around south of Isonphis.

  • Allegiance Bay is arguably the most important location on the entire map. This is where, in 1631, King Chiside was brought to agree terms for the surrender of the then-Kyratean Kingdom to surrender to the Western Tertanian Kingdom after a 56 year war. King Monroe was the only Tertanian kingdom remaining out of the other 4. The Western Tertanian Kingdom was then reorganised into the Kingdom of Tertania and that is where Tertania as we know it nowadays was established.

  • The Isle of Dugg is named after the Dugg family who are the owners of the popular "Dugg Food & Drink Corporation" that dates back several hundred years. They are remembered as one of the most influential families and companies in Tertanian history.

  • The Isle of King is named after the successful King family. Some of the more popular names within the King family are footballers Luke and Tom King, CEO Konor King, Mayor Benjamin King and recent politician Jameson King.

Temperatures in Tertania range from mildly warm to freezing. In the south, temperatures are bearable at between 10-19 degrees Celsius, whereas in the north temperatures nosedive below zero. Fuolopis is an exception as the city is heated by an extremely expensive under-road heating scheme and by the massive shipyards in the city.



As of the 2021 census, 587.3 million people live in Tertania. Of that number, it is believed that around 320 million of them are able to work in some capacity. A worrying ~34 million people are believed to be criminals or have committed at least one criminal act in their lifetime. There are around ~45 million elderly people, along with ~40 million that take part in any occupation that has to do with the military or reserves - barely 4% of the ~40 million are actually in the armed forces. There is a final ~147 million students and other youths in the country.


Tertania's main language is English which lets it easily communicate with nearly every other country in the world.


Religious worship is completely prohibited in Tertania, even in private. While it is hoped that 100% of the population is secular, it is estimated that only ~93% actually follow Tertania's policies on religion.

Largest Cities



Metro area population




14.1 million




9.2 million




8.6 million




7.7 million




4.9 million




4.1 million



Fresco City

3 million




2.8 million




2.5 million




1.1 million





Minister of Internal Affairs

Aiden Parkes

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Oliver Rogers

Minister of Defence

Jaedan Maxwell

Minister of Transportation

Jennifer Holder

Minister of Education

Sonia Richardson

Minister of Culture

Martina Evans

Minister of Oversea Territories

Trudi Glover

Minister of Energy

Brendan Ingham

Minister of Natural Resources

George Ashworth

Minister of Maritime Matters

Kieron Bridges

Minister of the Environment

Carol Downes

Minister of Justice

James Archer

Minister of Public Works and Housing

Grace Freeman

Minister of State-owned business

Alan Waters

Minister of Tourism

Gabriel North

Minister of Finance

Jocelyn Norris

Minister of Trade

Malcolm Lockwood

Minister of Communication and Information Technology

Trevor Goodwin

Office of the Ombudsman

Clive Cooper

Foreign Relations and Military

Tertania is one of the largest and most influential nations within the CCD.

Tertania is a part of the League of Prosperous Nations, a group of capitalist/corporate nations that have allied together to ensure total upmost profit from such a pact through international trading agreements and joint military operations. In terms of population, Tertania is the second largest within LoPN, being only behind the Dixie Confederate Union. Tertania's largest trading partners within LoPN are Feuraxia and Deman Kalan.

A list of diplomatic and embassy information is available here.

Tertania has a large military although it is ranked 40th in the "Total War Preparedness Rating" by the WA. A large percentage of the defence budget is dedicated to the navy, which is the military's second largest branch behind the army. Tertanian doctrine insists that having a large, formidable navy is vital to winning wars. Titran and Tertanian South Defence Industry are the Tertanian military's go-to contractors, although a large amount of stock is purchased from other LoPN members in the form of the LoPN Military Arsenal.

The Tertanian Military set up its first overseas base in the form of an air/naval base on the island of Minoria in the Bay of Rhodessi, intended for operations in Talgerria and as power projection.

Government agencies


Economic Indicators

Rank: 25th (region), 3,269th (worldwide)
Currency: Tertan (1 Tertan = $1.55)

Labor Force: ~320m
Unemployment: 4.64%

According to the WA, Tertania is ranked 25th on the Krugman-Greenspan Business Outlook Index within the CCD. It is one of the largest economies within LoPN. According to LinkNSEconomy (OOC: every number here is divided by about 10 to make it more realistic), Tertania has a nominal GDP of 108 trillion Tertans. The economy is evenly distributed with about 43.9% being private industry, 40.1% being government and 15.9% being state-owned industry. The unemployment rate is 4.64%.

Tertania is a large manufacturer of consumer electronics and has major investments in the defence industry.

The recently erected Usean Commerce Building in Isonphis is intended to be a place where businessmen and women from all over Usea can come face-to-face to easily communicate and agree deals that will hopefully boost Usea's economy. Power to the Usean Commerce Area is 100% renewable as it is supplied by a dam located right next to the UCB. There is a 4-star hotel in the area for overnight stays, along with two recreational parks and several services to ensure everything runs smoothly. For any other needs, an underground metro can bring people straight to and from downtown Isonphis.

Usean Commerce Area

Usean Commerce Building from the bottom


The AMAX Arena, home to Estralas, is the largest stadium in Tertania with a capacity of 101,000. A huge, single-tier stand named
the Spencer Wright Stand can be seen in the back of the image.


Tertanian culture is heavily focused around sports. Association football is the nation's most popular sport and is considered by many to be the national sport. The are four major leagues within Tertania: the Tertanian Premier Division, the TFL First Division, the TFL Championship and the TFL Championship Two. There are also two domestic cups: the TFA Challenger's Shield, where the previous champions of the TPD go head-to-head with the current holders of the TFA Cup.

Twenty teams participate in the Tertanian Premier Division and play thirty-eight games in total (two against every other team; one home and one away fixture). Teams get 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and no points for a loss. The record for the most points within a season was set by the Fuolopis Glazers in the 2018/19 season, netting 99 points total. This remarkable season came after they spent 401 million Tertans in the previous transfer window which has raised many concerns over the spending limits and financial fair play in the Tertanian football scene.

The Tertanian Football Association has committed a large amount of funds to grassroots and youth football in order to encourage participation and retention. Around 83% of the nation's population have played for a youth or other non-professional team at least once in their lives. The TFA's contributions have helped numerous children achieve their dreams, with Max Callahan - who many call one of the greatest of all time - having come out of the system.

The second most popular sport within Tertania would be F1 with rugby not too far behind. Several famous drivers such as Jeff Baker and Ryan Henry have originated from Tertania. The nation is home to several major circuits such as the comically named Isle of 300 [km/h cars] in Isonphis. The yearly race at Isle of 300 attracts numerous tourists to the city as people rush to see their favourite drivers compete.



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