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by The Republic of Chaylian Dispatch Office. . 206 reads.

Chaylia Roleplay Dispatch

Map Claim Rules

This document is the first draft of general RP and map claim rules. As time passes, and our region grows, there will be corrections, additions and revisions.
  1. About the Map

    1. All official maps in Chaylia shall be posted in this dispatch.

    2. These maps will be updated routinely by the roleplay staff.

  2. Claim Rules

    1. The size of a territory claim is restricted to 40-50 cells as represented by the example claim map in the dispatch.

    2. Roleplay staff may approve larger claims on a case-by-case basis.

    3. There must be a roleplay explanation for larger claims.

    4. All claims must be approved by the roleplay staff.

    5. It is generally advised to stick to a single landmass (aka continent and island) while claiming territory, although it is possible for one nation to claim territory of several landmasses if they are in a close proximity to one another.

  3. How To Claim

    1. To claim land you must contact one of the roleplay staff through telegrams, Direct Message on Discord, or posting in the #roleplay_claims channel under the Roleplay category on the Discord server.

    2. Your message must include:

      1. An identification of what territory you wish to claim and your nation capital, by marking it on the claims map.

      2. Name of your nation, name of your capital.

      3. Brief RP description of your nation. (What itís famous for, exports your country has, the military, etc.)

    3. Upon receiving and reviewing your application the moderators will either accept or deny your claim .

      1. Moderators can (and will) deny your claim if the application is violating one of the above rules or if the territory has already been claimed by a different nation.

Current Map


Temperature Map

Rivers and Routes

Coordinate Grid

Example Claim

Cell Map

Blank Map for Claims