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Daily News of The Communist Bloc - September 16th, 2021

Good morning / afternoon / evening!

Please welcome our newest comrades:

Markelia, New Anarchist Russia, Sevincia Los Espocedo, PETROVSTATE, Unitary Republic of China, Jack Isle, Sub 2 mrbeast, New alaria, Gemary, The leat state, Sharktropia, South dystopia, Samegrelo, Arkeneos, Valorianet, The anarchy technoblade dreams of, Lakvanzia, Libertarian karonistan, Slyth3in!

Latest Announcements

Chief People's Justice:

  • Sign ups for the Legislative Committee are now open. Members of the Legislative Committee draft, debate, refine and decide legislation that affects the region. While anyone can submit a bill, the LegCo's job is to ensure it holds up to the standards set but regional law before it is voted on by the People's Assembly (all citizens). There are five seats open and you must be a citizen to run and vote. (It is also recommended to be a member of Linkthe regional discord.) LinkSign up here

World Assembly Delegate:

  • Kethania added a new bot command! Post

    [nation]ink_cloud[/nation], rep
    on the RMB to participate in our Revolutionary Endorsement Program and get a list of the nations you could be endorsing.

    Endorsing others is the best way to get endorsements for yourself! Please be mindful of the endorsement limit and refrain from endorsing anyone with 120+ endos!


  • We will be making the move to the NSLeft forums very soon. Please make an account at Link if you haven't already in anticipation for the jump.

Regional News

International News

  • The standing period for the Legislative Committee elections is open, and there are five seats open for election. You may sign up to run and post a campaign in the forums until 22 September. After this time, voting will be open for 48 hours. To sign up, please Linkpost a reply to this topic.

    Currently running and eligible (in order of sign-up):

    So far, no candidate has published a campaign.

  • N-Day, or Nuclear Day, is coming up at the end of this month on 26 September, and TCB will be participating. Keep an eye out here for announcements about factions, joining, and strategy. In the meantime, you can familiarise yourself with the mini-game by reading Testlandia's "N-Day: What You Need to Know" guide.

    The general gist of it is that you may join a faction, create nukes and shields, and target nations in other factions. This event will last 24 hours, and the faction with the highest score wins.

    Note: For those concerned, N-Day is non-canonical, so those with a No WMD policy may still participate, and results will not affect your nation after N-Day is over.


LinkThe Leftist Times - NSLeft's Most Trusted Newspaper
LinkNationStates Today - NationStates' Most Reliable News
The Western Post - A publication of The West Pacific Cultural Trust
The Fylkirvegrian Messenger
The Rejected Times

Current Events
Keep an eye out for announcements about upcoming events here and on Discord!



General Bulletins


  • If you’re not endorsing our delegate Kethania, you should do that straight away! Every endorsement on our delegate protects our regional security as well as amplifies our voice on WA resolutions. You should also endorse our vice delegates, Marxmeans, Shamian, The Workers Union of Habsburg-Lorraine and Ubertas!

  • Become a citizen! This allows you to participate in regional politics, pick your representatives, and join the Regional Discord server. More information can be found here.

  • Check out the Law Archive. It is an easy way to navigate and keep track of all our laws. This document is updated as new laws get passed.

  • If you are interested in getting involved, consider volunteering with one of the Ministries. You can Linksign up here. We greatly appreciate the work all our volunteers do!


  • Want some endorsements? Run the Revolutionary Endorsement Program! It's simple and doesn't take very much time. Endorse comrades, get endorsed back. If you run into any trouble, send a telegram to The Passerine Islands on NationStates or post in Discord, and we can help troubleshoot. Alternatively, post the following to the RMB:

    [nation]ink_cloud[/nation], rep

  • The TCB Card Factory is open and churning out cards! This program includes regional giveaways, a regional art museum, card requests, and of course, shiny 1% International Artwork badges. TCBs Card Factory is asking for a team of volunteers to help operate card farms to ensure a steady supply of cards are being printed. Think you can help? Sign up today.

  • We created a glossary of NationStates terms! We hope this helps anyone who is unsure of what different acronyms and slang mean.


  • Our forums are online, but unfortunately, we have lost a whole year of data. If you applied for citizenship between February 2020 and December 2020, make sure to reapply. You may also have to recreate your account. Apologies for this inconvenience. The government will be working as quickly as possible to re-accept citizenship applications. (Disclaimer: this only applies if you were registered as a citizen in-between February 2020 and December 2020. If you have joined TCB after this time period you do not need to re-apply for citizenship)
    Please also make an account at Link so the transition to the NSLeft forum goes as smoothly as possible.

  • We have created a list of leftist resources! This is an ongoing project, and if you think there is something missing from this list, please telegram or DM me. I am The Passerine Islands here and Sam on Discord.

  • On 11 August, 2021, Head Administrator M.M. resigned, and Precoixious has stepped up and become our new Head Administrator. M.M. will continue as an Observer Admin. Also joining the administrative team and Kirk and Ant. The MoI wishes them all the best.

While run by the Ministry of Information, the Daily News does not necessarily reflect the stance of the current administration. Please contact the Minister of Information The Passerine Islands on NationStates or Sam in the Regional Discord for any corrections, suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns.

This article was authored by The Passerine Islands.