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French South India



Discord Name (ID): [This should be the username you use on Discord. If you do not have a discord name, or are not using discord, please indicate to us here.]

Short Name: [This is the unofficial name of your country (i.e. 'Poland,' 'Canada,' 'France.')]

Official Name: [This is the full official name of your country. (i.e. 'The People's Republic of Romania', 'The State of Israel')]

Flag: [Link to the flag you are using for your nation. This is important for moderation when it comes to placing your claim on the map.]


Map Claim: [The location of your nation in the world. If the borders you intend to claim are the same as real life you may simply write the nation name. If their are any changes to the borders you're claiming please detail all changes.]

Capital City: [The capital city or cities of your nation.]


Government Type: [This should be the form of government you nation has, along with a brief description of how it functions.]

Head of State: [The public persona who officially embodies a state. Can be a King, Queen, President, Supreme Leader, etc.]

Head of Government: [This is the individual who actually runs your government. This can be the same as head of state.]


Estimated Population: [This is your nation's total population.]

GDP (Nominal): [This is your country's total economic output. This figure should correspond with the real-life statistics of the roleplay year, adjusted for modern inflation. ]

GDP per capita (Nominal): [This is your country's output per person. This figure should correspond with the real-life statistics of the roleplay year, adjusted for modern inflation.]


History: [The history of your nation. How detailed players wish to go is at the discretion of the writer, though it is advised to include at least 100 years of major events in history, and to write at least 2 paragraphs on this section. Please note that players joining in later stages of the timeline should refer to the timeline for ideas on their history. Major powers like the USA, Soviet Union, etc. will require a more detailed history section. Applications with more in-depth histories will be looked upon more favorably.]

RP Experience: [Please Designate the following - Novice, Intermediate, Experienced, Very Experienced]


By applying for roleplay, you (the player) commit to upholding the values, standards and rules of the Aevum Interventu region, and accept any disciplinary actions afforded as a result of breaking those rules: [Answer 'Yes' or 'No'. Applications with 'No' will be rejected]