by Max Barry

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by The Final Dawn of New Kowloon Bay. . 29 reads.

Anthem of New Kowloon Bay

To thee our New Kowloon Bay,
Heaven of the free,
We sing our love to thee joyously,
Our own fair islands of liberty.

We shall protect you we have a duty;
Our New Kowloon Bay, live! And let us be proud of you!
No danger, no obstacle can hold us back.
We swear with one cry - You shall live!

Toil with hearts and hands and voices.
And your radiant face, your radiant face
Is brighter than the shining sun we see.

Do not cry dear mother New Kowloon Bay,
Raise your head proudly high,
New Kowloon Bay is free,
Free to live!

Dreams of the people came true,
And the flag of liberty is over us.
New Kowloon Bay has not yet died, nor her glory, nor her freedom,
Upon us, fellow Kowlooni, fate shall smile once more.