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PsiCorps Air Force

Airforce Flag

Airforce Marshal: Boris Orlov


Weapons: 'Maverick' Missiles

The Stormchild is an advanced fighter specifically equipped to efficiently deal with fast moving targets. With its high-tech powerful targeting systems, it's theoretically impossible for the fighter to miss its target. Its plentiful missiles benefit from the targeting systems as well.

Black Eagle

Weapons: 'Iced Earth' Missiles

Designed by the Kanegawa Industries' branch complex in Los Angeles, the Black Eagle's position as one of the best fighters in the world is uncontested to this day. It's good armor, great speed and advanced weaponry makes this dealer of death one of the biggest airborne threats to the enemies. With its devastating missiles, the Black Eagle is capable of taking out many of enemy units in a single run. Whatever unit survives its strike.The Black Eagle is a status symbol for the PsiCorps, a testament to their undeniable superiority when it comes to aerospace technology.


Weapons: 'HEAT' Missiles

The Harrier is the primary fighter jet for the PsiCorps Air forces and an effective tank buster. Built with mobility in mind, this jet makes use of modern Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) logic, allowing for runways to be considerably smaller and in turn allowing for the aircraft to be built and rearmed on the battlefield.

This lethal fighter is equipped with advanced High Explosive Anti-Tank missiles. When a missile hits an enemy, a large hole is blasted into the tank, exposing vulnerable systems for a short time. This allows the Harrier to either follow up with another missile for increased damage, or allow other forces to finish it off.


Weapon: 'Scorch' Missiles

The Foxtrot is a jet fighter used by the PsiCorps, armed with napalm missiles that can randomly hit additional targets.

Ka-50 'WolfHound'

Weapons: 4x12.7mm Minigun / 'Tschmel' Missiles

The Wolfhound is a powerful airborne weapons platform capable of tackling the toughest of adversaries, whether on the ground or in the air. Once the Wolfhound has locked onto its quarry, the flurry of missiles or its high-powered machine gun will be sure to rip its target apart., though powerful.


Weapons: 30 mm (1.18 in) M230 chain gun & 'Uranus' Missiles

The Warhawk is a lightly armored helicopter used by the Epilonians for close air support. It's outfitted with a M230 chain gun, as well as the 'Uranus' missile pods, which can make short work of enemy ground targets. The Warhawk does not carry any anti-aircraft weaponry and relies on its quick speed to evade potential threats. This is mostly due to the PsiCorps efforts to design effective methods of supporting their flying troops

Kirov Airship

Weapon: FAB-1500 Bomb

Kirovs, named after the great general of the Second Great War Sergei Kirov, are an iconic image recognized by all. Slow, powerful and incredibly durable, these blimps represent the overwhelming firepower and intimidating presence of the PsiCorps.

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