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TSP Baseball League

[table][tr][td][b][i][size=225]TSP Baseball League[/size][/i][/b][/td][/tr][/table]

Sooo we're doing this now. Fun :D

[url=]learn more about baseball[/url]
[url=]current season[/url]

[b]So... how does this work?[/b]

You can submit your involvement in the league to me ([nation]Doge Land[/nation]) via telegram and I'll add you to the dispatch for that current season. You can optionally submit a roster to me, which contains all of the players on your team ([url=]25 required[/url]) and your style modifer. What's a style modifier? It's a value that goes from +5 to -5, with +5 being the most offensive and -5 being the most defensive. If you don't give me a style modifier, it will be set to 0. If you submit a roster, I'll give you a bonus which may allow you to win a game you may have not been able to win before.

There will be a maximum of 32 teams participating. You may only submit 2 teams. Please provide a name for each of your teams! If you don't, I'll assign each one a color (e.g. [nation]Weccandia[/nation] Blues)

[b]Past Seasons[/b]