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TSP Baseball League

TSP Baseball League

Sooo we're doing this now. Fun :D

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current season

So... how does this work?

You can submit your involvement in the league to me (Doge Land) via telegram and I'll add you to the dispatch for that current season. You can optionally submit a roster to me, which contains all of the players on your team (Link25 required) and your style modifer. What's a style modifier? It's a value that goes from +5 to -5, with +5 being the most offensive and -5 being the most defensive. If you don't give me a style modifier, it will be set to 0. If you submit a roster, I'll give you a bonus which may allow you to win a game you may have not been able to win before.

There will be a maximum of 32 teams participating. You may only submit 2 teams. Please provide a name for each of your teams! If you don't, I'll assign each one a color (e.g. Weccandia Blues)

Past Seasons