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The Holy Book of 🅶🅾🅳 - The lost chapters : Timeline 2 (Approved by 🅶🅾🅳)

The Holy Book of 🅶🅾🅳 - The lost chapters : Timeline 2.

Chapter 14, The aftercome.

It was a good, peaceful time in the Temple Prime. Brotherhood of GOD seemed to find new allies and grow. The Sasha Advance Wars finally arrived to RP Saudi Arabia, the reincarnation of Haberdei, the ancient evil. No one can imagine what evil plans did they build, but it was sure, that something bad will happen in the future.

Chapter 15, Traitors Everywhere.

Peoples Republic of Sinosberg, the mysterious republic, have been discovered by Colin Advance Wars. Sinosberg's leader, the Chairman Cheng convinced that his nation will be a great ally of Temple Prime. Colin Advance Wars decided to build an embassy right in the Temple Prime. Who could've knew that this would lead to horrible events? The first embassy meeting were in the Sinosberg's embassy. Colin Advance Wars arrived to there with no guards. Chairman Cheng saw an opportunity to capture him. His guards captured Colin Advance Wars and led him to the most feared place in Sinosberg, the reeducation camp. Colin Advance Wars had a very bad time here. And Captain Yao achieved his mission, he reeducated him.

Chapter 16, The birth of the resistance.

After these events, the people in Temple Prime and his allies were shocked. Chairman Cheng tracked down most of people who knew about it, and sent them to Captain Yao. Free speech were suppressed in Temple Prime. But some people in Brotherhood of GOD decided to resist. Dumb r Tags created the resistance. They had a great plan to get into trust of some people, and with them get to the Chairman Cheng. The preparation to the plan has begun.

Chapter 17, The final battle.

The resistance's plan were working good. It were about to finish with a good result. After more than a week since start of the plan, on the night Dumb r Tags heard strange sounds. They were coming from the outside. He looked through the window of the resistance's base. A large horde of monsters encircled the Brotherhood of GOD. Someone betrayed the resistance and told where the base is to the Sasha Advance Wars. Under 20 minutes, the resistance's base were destroyed. Dumb r Tags Were executed on the place, and the Colin Advance Wars continued to be captured by the Peoples Republic of Sinosberg.


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