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Discord Name (ID): Pletamia#7965

Short Name: Congo, African Republic
Official Name: Unitary African Republic


Map Claim: The Congo

Capital City: Kinshasa


Government Type: Semi-Presidential Republic
Head of State: President Mphatso Boubacar Kariuki

Head of Government: President Mphatso Boubacar Kariuki


Estimated Population: 16,610,000

GDP (Nominal): $1,764,960,521

GDP per capita (Nominal): $106.26

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During the Second World War, the Belgian Congo rapidly urbanized to fit the needs of the Allies. While the Congo was overworked, the allies kept minimum garrisons in the Colony. Enough to stifle mild unrest and major crimes, but not so much that it detracted from the war effort. However, as the locals mixed, radical ideas began to spread throughout the urbanized elements of society.

And during the height of 1944, as France, Italy, Greece, and many more fronts demanded the Allies attention, these radical elements revolted. The radicals seized the capital city of Leopoldville, and the ports that lead out of the country. They demanded immediate autonomy, and independence in 3 years. And after a short stand off with the heavily outnumbered Belgian garrison, the Belgians gave in.

However, the radicals were not a monolith group. Nationalists, communists, and liberals all came together under the unified anti-imperialist flag, and now only had 3 years to find a constitution that satisfied all of the groups. The now radical provisional government slowly took over the job of governing from the Belgians, ensuring that none of the groups became too powerful to threaten the whole group.

And during this transition, a miracle occurred. A year before the deadline, the radicals released the new constitution. The new constitution featured a bizarre and strange constitution, made to try to appease all major groups in the provisional government. A Tricameral Congress with a Semi-Presidential Executive, three high courts, and mandated human rights to food, water, and thought.

However, the group published another document as well, The Liberation of the Continent, claiming that the country they were establishing was the rightful government of the entirety of Africa, and thus the new Unitary African Republic was born.

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