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The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update, 2021-09-12

The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update

September 12, 2021

Opening Statement and Vice Delegate Update

Salutations TNPers!

I am privileged to be The North Pacific's Vice Delegate. It's going to be quite a term ahead for us. With the influx of new players there are opportunities to seize and initiatives to take. With so many new players coming into the region it is important we seize this opportunity and not let it go to waste. I am planning on maintaining my activity on the RMB to promote what we can offer in the region.

The first Vice Delegate update of my term. The current state of the transition is that MadJack is rapidly rising in endorsements and he is currently in 32nd spot with 624 endorsements. He will need 325 endorsements to take over Robespierre in the first place. I am currently in 64th spot with 548 endorsements but I have been gaining endorsements throughout the day since I have been announced the new Vice Delegate. The current state of the Keepers of the North is that we have lost 242 keepers because of the new endorsement requirements.

I am looking forward to working with Delegate Madjack, Executive Council, and the Security Council to help grow and move this region forward. If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

- Sir Kasto / Kastonvia

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