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"[i]Per aspera ad astra[/i]"[/align][hr][b]Capital city[/b][float=right]Tehnograd[/float][hr][b]Largest city[/b][float=right]Tehnograd[/float][hr][b]Official language(s)[/b][float=right]no official language[/float][hr][b]National language(s)[/b][float=right]Austral, Eflæde[/float][hr][b]Animal[/b][float=right]Eagle[/float][hr][b]Demonym[/b][float=right]Eflad[/float][hr][b]Government[/b][float=right]parliamentary democracy[/float]
 - Prime Minister[float=right]Dr Erwitto Fircenza[/float][hr][b]Population[/b][float=right]56,7 Million[/float][hr][b]GDP[/b][float=right]275 Billion Ippons[/float][hr][b]Income equality[/b][float=right]80.46[/float][hr][b]Human Developement Index[/b][float=right]91.28[/float][hr][b]Currency[/b][float=right]Ippon[/float][hr][b]Time zone[/b][float=right]UTC - 2[/float][hr][b]Date format[/b][float=right][/float][hr][b]Drives on the[/b][float=right]right[/float][hr][b]Calling code[/b][float=right]+693[/float][hr][b]ISO 3166 code[/b][float=right]EFD[/float][hr][b]Internet TLD[/b][float=right].ed[/float][/floatright][/sidebar]

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Eflad (pronounced: /eflɑːd/, Eflæde: /eflædɛ/), officialy Technocratic Republic of Eflad, is a country in the South Pacific on the island of Cordilia. Situated between the Astro Sea to the northwest and a moutain range to the south and east, it covers a total area of 152 827km² with a population of 56,7 Million within 4 federalities. Eflad borders Erenor & Sereva to the southwest, Upper Flumenvallis and Tholisia to the east and northeast respectively. The nations capital is Tehnograd, with it also being the largest city and the scientific centre, whilst the financial centre is Selpe.

Eflad was uninhabited for a very long time due to its remoteness and the delimination due to the moutain range and the Astro sea. First record of settlements were at the city of Sepal, dated back to 40 B.C. Since then natives have setled from the rivers of Sapol to Kerta. Records from the 12th century indicate that there were first settlements from foreigners. They were described as tall, dark skinned and muscular. Until today, there isn´t a consensus as from where these settlers came, as they left soon after. Only in the 1500s did the mass settlement start. This time by pale skinned people. They had good relations with the natives and where friendly. This continued until the 19th century and the civil war. This war, led by natives as they were being exploited by the settler, lasted for four years and ended in a draw with no side having the upper hand. At last a treaty was signed and the Republic of Eflad was founded. The date of 23.08. is celebrated as "Day of the Nation" (Eflæde: "Dan Nacina").

Today Eflad is a powerhouse in terms of economy and ranks 566th out of more than 7 000 nations in the South Pacific. As a developed socialist country it provides a universal health care system, social security and tution-free university education.[floatleft][sidebar][align=center][b]Contents[/b][/align]1 [url=#section2]Etymology[/url]
2 [url=#section3]History[/url]
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The name "Eflad" originates from the Eflæde language word "Ef- læ- ert"and means "land of the infinite valley", regarding the vast valley between the Astro sea and the moutain range to the east. It is most likely that settlers took this word as the name of the land and through time it became "Eflad".[hr][size=150][u][anchor=section3]History[/anchor][/u][/size]

[size=125][b][anchor=section3sub0]Early settlements[/anchor][/b][/size]
The earliest settlements were discovered by an archeological team at the city of Selpe and were dated back to 40 B.C. The city today is a mark of the countries history and prosperity. The people who lived here were hierarchic but equal. THe city prospered with time and was becoming a important stop for trade deals.
[size=125][b][anchor=section3sub1]Foreign settling[/anchor][/b][/size]
At around the 12th century foreigns settled but moved very quickly for unkown reasons. Natives tell the story of the ship which came and went as fast as the wind. Around three centuries later, further settlers came as the trade expanded. They made Selpe a major trading city and went further inlands, founding further towns like Cræfoi and Tehnograd. 
[size=125][b][anchor=section3sub2]Civil War[/anchor][/b][/size]
The settlers, mostly at the Sapol river, started exploiting natives as cheap or sometimes free labour. This exploitment was used to create ships, transform goods and work on farms. As the number of natives was still large, they had the capabilities to revolt. This started as a local problem, soon becoming a national one. After three months of revolting in the federality Fredoast, the Native Revolution (NR) took the capital Selpe and arrested the Federal Minister, who supported the exploitation. The federal government was reluctant to assist the federality as it didn´t want to creat a civil war. This was the national policy until the Federal Minister was arrested. As natives overtook the control of the federality the national governemnt intervened. First by diplomacy, requesting the natives to step down in turn for strengthening - but not outlawing - the exploitation, then by force. On the 22.07.1836 the "Efald National Army" (ENA) started mission Overhaul. The mission consisted out of the conquering of the moutains surrounding the city of Selpe. Yet the NR had the high ground and were persistent. Through sabotages and guerilla attacks, the logistics of the ENA were crippled and a stalemate lasted for two years. After the ENA recovered the natives attacked  and created a buffer zone. The NR used the weapons they collected in Fredoast from the stations of the ENA. The war was mostly led long range, as the NR had secured the moutains, which gave them an advantage. In the rest of the country, massive public denomination of natives was underway. Many natives were killed in so-called "Freeing fights".After six months of constant fighting a peace treaty was signed on the 23th of August 1840, creating the Republic of Eflad.
[size=125][b][anchor=section3sub3]Modern age[/anchor][/b][/size]
Eflad has since then moved forward and created a commission of recollection, to find the perpetrators of crimes commited in the "Freedom fights". Since industrialisation many cities became hotspots for new technologys. One such example is the city of Tehnograd. First a city based on the production of wheat and cattle it was transformed to a city of informational technology and science. This new 'boom' of technology meant that new universities and schools were bulit, which attracted a lot of foreign students. Eflad is currently applying to become a member state of the World Forum.[hr][size=150][u][anchor=section4]Geography[/anchor][/u][/size]
Eflad is situated between the Astro Sea in the northwest and a moutain range in the south and east. Elevation ranges from Mt. Tlohog (2167m) to the valley which lies just above the level of sea (65m). Significant natural resources are copper, silicium and uranium. The plains of Efald are mostly covered in rainforest, although a large portion has been cut down due to expansion.[hr][size=150][u][anchor=section6]Politics[/anchor][/u][/size]
Elad is a federal, parliamentary, representative democratic republic. Its federal power is vested in the parliament consisting of the Sænat and the Federal Konsul. The Sænat is elected through direct elections, using the mixed-member proportional representation system, every four years. The members of the Federal Konsul consits of the Federal Ministers and appointees appointed by the government, proportional to the population in the federalities. The political system operates under the Constitution of Efald. Amendments need a two thirds majority to be changed; the fundamental principles of the constitution, guarante of human dignity, the separation of powers, the federal structure, and the rule of law, are valid in perpetuity.

The president, head of state, is currently Dr. Gerno Efæn. He primarily has representative resposibilites and powers. He is elected by the "Federaln Fourm" (federal forum) consisting of the Sænat, the Federal Konsul and representatives from each of the federalities. In the order precedence the next highest ranking official is the Sænatski vodæt (Sænat leader), who is elected by the Sænat and responsible for overseeing teh daily sessions of the body. The head of the government, next office in line of precedence, is the prime minister, who is appointed by the president after elected by the party or coalition with the majority in the Sænat. The current Prime Minister is Dr. Erwitto Fircenze.
The Sænat is currently in its 46. legislature period and consits of five parties.
In its past it has seen many political changes in government with the longest persisting coalition beeing that of the Liberals for Eflad (LFE) and the, now dissolved, Cristian Party of Eflad (CPE). The current coalition consits of the Socialist Party of Eflad (SPE) and the party Technocratic Efald (TE). Other parties are the Greens, the Liberals for Efald and the right wing Freedom Party (FP).

Socialst Party of Eflad: 87 seats
Technocratic Party of Eflad: 122 seats
Greens: 67 seats
Liberals for Eflad: 56 seats 
Freedom for Eflad: 46 seats
The current cabinet is Fircenza II, lead by Prime Minister Dr. Erwitto Fircenza.

Prime Minister: Dr. Erwitto Fricenza (TE)
Minister for Foreign Affairs, deputy Prime Minister: Dr. Ofea Foge (SPE)
Minister for Finance: Fasote Daert (SPE)
Minister for Education: Prof. Dr. Godær Freei (TE)
Minister for Science and Research: Dr. Freya Fero (TE)
Minister for Infrastructure: Afer Lsof (TE)
Minister for Work and Social Affairs: Treo Fsad (SPE)
Minister for Economics: Fade Ofpa (TE)
Minister for Health: Dr. Fkoer Fasr (SPE)
Minister for Home: Dr. Jaof Feap (SPE)
Minister for Justice: Kger L'eot (SPE)
Minister for Defence: Werog Fwoat (TE)
Minister for Agriculture: Dr. K'far Fero (SPE)
Minister for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth: Erqin Feo (TE)
Minister for Enviroment: Dr. Ferto F'Eorg (TE)[hr][size=150][u][anchor=section7]Economy[/anchor][/u][/size]
Eflads has a socialist economy, with a highly skilled labour force, a low level of corruption, and a high level of innovation. The economy, worth 272 Billion Ippons, is maily led by the Information Technology, followed by tourism and book publishing.[hr][size=150][u][anchor=section8]Infrastructure[/anchor][/u][/size]
Due to its position, Eflad has a highly developed train service, for goods and public transportation. Public transport is developed to the point that all of the larger cities have metros alongside busses and tramway lines. The train service is provided by the state and is organized under the name "Eflad Train Service" (ETS). The cities are all conected by the City Express Line (CTL). As cars are banned, trains and public transportation are the most commonly used transportations. Eflads bicycle roads are vastly developed. The country has signed a climate treaty and is seeking to become carbon neutral in 10 years. To reach this goal, it has continued the use of nuclear power as a bridge technology, but is looking to remove them as new, affordable, renewable energies come on the market. The country funds a fusion reactor project. [hr][size=150][u][anchor=section9]Culture[/anchor][/u][/size]
Eflad has a rich history of thinkers, poets, philisophers and scientists. Many cultural aspects have been influenced by the native culture. Science and philosophy have for long been a large aspect of Eflads history, as many scientific discoveries in the fields of Physics, Chemistry and Infomation Technology have been made in Eflads Universities like
[list]Dr. Herai Dofa University, 
Tehnograd Polytechnicum, 
Reræ University, 
University of Selpe[/list][hr][size=150][u][anchor=resources]References / Resources[/anchor][/u][/size]
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