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Map of the Western Commonwealth

The United Federation of Cavisco
Population: 255M
Capital: Lawrence
Largest City: Liberty City

The Kaiserreich of Aftenheim
Population: 95M
Largest City/Capital: Stromhafen 6.3M
Second Largest City: Grünberg 4.5M

The Republic of Gallavia
Population: 38M
Largest City/Capital: Nidara
Second Largest City: Bonado

The Constitutional monarchy of The United Kingdom of December
Population: 20M
Capital City: TBD
Largest City: TBD

AmeraAfro Eurastralasia
Population: 6M
Largest City/Capital: Iacon
Second Largest City: Kaon

The Federal Republic of Gangotri
Population: 295M
Capital City: Varanasi
Largest City: Gangotri City

The Democratic Republic of Peoa
Population: 76M
Largest City/Capital: St. George
Second Largest City: Neymar-Layos

The Fed Parliamentary Union of Wallacia Ki
Population: 243M
Capital: Marko 15M
Largest City: Austusingo 20M

Population: 109M
Capital: Punheer 8M
Largest City: Okyo 21M

The Trade Federation of New Tribia
Population: 52,347,861
Capital: New Brison 805,581
Largest City: New Levean 1,074,638

The Kaiserreich of Aftenheim