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The International Football League

The International football league was created on September 11th, 2021. It serves as a international football program for all nations. Each nation submits a team, uniforms, and stadium and is allowed entry into the league! Have fun and Go Blazers!

This Factbook Will No Longer Be Used. The Division Dispatches Will Be Used For Sports Updates, Schedules, Records, And Team Updates. Do not Look To This Factbook For Information.

2021 Season 1 Champions- New Ropakstadt Robins
2021 Season 2 Champions-

Empire of Beldemark
Beldemarkian Blazers
Hartford Stadium (Capacity- 92 thousand)
Location: Fviserwinterland
Season 1 Record: 2-0

New Ropakstadt
Ropakstadtian Robins
Sablefisch National Stadium
Location: Sablefisch
Season 1 Record: 1-1

Sky Point
Sky Point Ocelots
Icicle City Stadium
Location: Icicle City
Season 1 Record: 0-2

Dushina Kittens
Royal Stadium (Capacity- 55 thousand)
Location: Mroww City
Season 1 Record: 1-1

Danuit Bells
Parrot Stadium
Location: Douroin City
Season 1 Record: 1-2

Sigmalandia Eagles
Arkham Asylum Stadium (Capacity: 55 thousand)
Location: Arkia
Season 1 Record: 2-0

Pathonia Riverrunners
Blazer National Stadium
Location: Stralsgrad, BM
Season 1 Record: 1-1

Kaliuvat Knights
Blauhalle Stadium
Location: Anduril
Season 1 Record: 0-2

True Europa State
TES Wolves
Constantine National Stadium
Location: Constantine
Season 1 Record: 2-0

American Socialist Republicans
ASR Rangers
Connville International Stadium
Season 1 Record: 1-1

Eliriel Stags
Elysia Stadium
Location: Aelathla
Season 1 Record: 0-2

Northern Ackorengetopia
Achorengetopia Black Doves
Revolution Stadium
Location: Cheyenne
Season 1 Record: 2-0

North Javanese Islands
Java Rhinos
Velketaar International Stadium
Location: Velketaar
Season 1 Record: 1-1

Erestrial Frozen Warriors
Frozen Stadium
Location: Morkestale City
Season 1 Record: 0-2

Neuer Deutsches Reich
NDR Barbarians
Das Kolosseum Stadium
Location: New Germania
Season 1 Record: 0-1

Meebritolia Soldiers
Soldier Stadium
Location: Meebtown
Season 1 record: 1-0

Corela Bulls
Icha Stadium
Location: Icha
Season 1 Record: 0-1

Arthralonia Falcons
Federal Stadium
Location: Tabriki
Season 1 Record: 1-0

Caterama Fighters
Karama Football Stadium
Location: Karama
Season 1 Record: 1-0

Nieziny Owls
Nouveau Clérmont-Ferrand National Stadium
Location:Nouveau Clérmont-Ferrand
Season 1 Record: 0-0