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Travels of the Nobilissimus

This written work is to be what some may refer to as a "vulgar" account of my thoughts on the countries that I, Flavius Arcadius Augustus II, have visited throughout my life. I figure that a good majority of the countries that will be mentioned here will have been visited by me on official diplomatic business, but some of them may have been visited out of pleasure (or out of necessity or some other reason). That being said, some of the things I may say about a nation may not accurately reflect it; chances are that if this it the case, I visited the nation on diplomatic business.

Ah, Novoblupolia, arguably one of the most boring places I've been to in my life. I've been there twice, and both times were unremarkably livid. The first time was when the nation was run by a group known as the Bastilliards. I'd been sent there on behalf of the Senate to discuss diplomacy with their leader, a task which proved extremely easy. The second time, I went there was on my own to go see if what I'd heard about the fall of the Bastilliards was true. Sure enough, it was. Apparently, the Bastilliards lost power to another group called the Decembrists. The Decembrists were later overthrown by yet another group: the labor unions. I met with their chairman, Denis Fewain, and discussed diplomacy over some hot chocolate, which, for the record, was really freakin' good. It was a bit more exciting to discuss diplomacy with Denis Fewain, but it proved boring yet again when I found out how easy it was to steal stuff from him. I literally stole his shoes off of his feet without him even noticing (yes, I gave him his shoes back.) Overall, I give Novoblupolia an 8/10.

Well, what can I say about the Municipalities of Antarctica? Honestly, not much. I was only there for perhaps 2 days or 4, and for most of that time, I was drugged and in a hospital. When I finally was released from the hospital, some guys escorted me to a ship that took me back to Roma. That was the last that I'd ever seen of the frozen country. Well, I wish it were. I'd sometime later run into an admiral of theirs by the name of Harukiyo. I swear, one day I'll get back at her for treating me like a child!

This one is definitely one of my favorites. Though I'd only been to the King's palace, I'd still say that it was a most excellent experience. Good energy, lovely people, easy marks, and overall great place to have fun. I still have both the airship and custom-made Sky Pyrate costume that I took to Nacoa Dya (for the birthday party of King... err... Yeah I forgot his name.) 10/10, would definitely go back.

You ever heard of Aegyptus before? Well, imagine that but with cats, slightly more Germanic, and a whole lot more inequality. That's basically what Dushina is. Very uninteresting place to be. 2/10, try harder next time!

Eh, It was alright. Food's good but their leader is a total JERK! Absolutely no dignitas whatsoever. I give New Ropakstadt a hard 7/10.

The Principate of Roma Astra