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Anatomy of a Blackridge Rifle

What is the Blackridge Rifle?

The term Link"Blackridge Rifle" applies to any number of locally produced bolt action rifles in New Lundus. These rifles are designed to be built quickly and cheaply while providing the user with a good level of reliability and accuracy. As such, they have a number of unique modifications or simplifications that make them effective for post-apocalyptical living:

Barrel: Most Blackridge Rifles have either two groove or three groove rifling in their barrels. Such rifling is far easier to produce than traditional five or six groove rifling yet still provides the user of the rifle with a solid level of bullet spin, producing nearly the same level of accuracy regardless of the number of grooves. Caliber is usually 7.62mm but this varies from rifle to rifle.

Sights: The rifle's iron sights have been made as simply as possible, with a stationary rear hole peep sight and an unprotected forward blade foresight. Such rudimentary aiming sights still allow the user to effectively target enemies at long distance, although their is no way to adjust for windage or elevation.

Action: The rear safety plug and bolt handle are quite Linkcrudely made on all Blackridge Rifles, allowing even the most inexperienced gunsmiths to manufacture replacement parts without too much difficulty.

Sling: While some Blackridge Rifles have dedicated sling swivel mounts, others simply have a Linkhole drilled into the side of the stock. A piece of rope or paracord is then pushed through and tied on the end of the barrel, forming an improvised sling of sorts.

Stock: The buttplate of the rifle is generally made of Linkwood and nailed into place with two or three nails. Rubber is also occasionally used to help mitigate any recoil.

Finish and furniture: Overall, the wooden furniture on Blackridge Rifles is usually quite rough and almost never has any kind of Linkfinish applied to it, leaving the metal and wood at the mercy of the elements. The barrels are almost always fully uncovered or has just a small portion covered by a piece of wood.

Sniper variant: Some examples of Blackridge Rifles are adapted to take Linkscope mounts: these versions are usually of a higher quality than their "baseline" types, although this too varies from rifle to rifle.

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