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Vote For GA resolution Repeal: "Elections and Assistance Act"

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[box][size=150][color=#265780]Resolution at Vote: [url=/page=ga]Repeal: "Elections and Assistance Act"[/url][/color][/size]
[size=150][color=#265780]Vote Recommendation:[/color] [b]For[/b][/size][/box]

[size=150][color=#265780]Resolution Analysis[/color][/size]
This proposal seeks to repeal GA#130, "Elections and Assistance Act" for a variety of reasons. Namely, the author points out issues with the mandates laid down on the Office of Electoral Administration (OEA) created by the act and how the proposal contradicts itself with its labyrinths of suggestions, recommendations, and mandates. Further, this resolution also contains an assault on the sweeping powers given the OEA when it contains mandates on admittedly pithy subjects and simply recommendation power over subjects highly consequential to election administration. 

Admittedly, our recommendation might be different were there not a replacement on the way through the drafting process. However, this resolution does represented a tangled mess with weak powers for a vital organization where there ought to be strong ones and strong ones where the powers ought to be weak powers for individual action. It is hard for us to countenance the idea that an organization meant to promote democratic transitions could have sweeping powers to invite itself in but minimal powers to investigate cases referred to it. It is those sorts of contradictions that undermine this resolution's goal of promoting successful democratic transitions and renders us amenable to repeal. For the above reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote [b]For[/b] the General Assembly Resolution at vote, "Repeal: 'Elections and Assistance Act'".

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