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Daily News of The Communist Bloc - September 9th, 2021

Good morning / afternoon / evening!

Please welcome our newest comrades:

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Ministry of Domestic Affairs:

  • The stamp drive is over, and a grand total of 18,000 stamps donated throughout the whole thing. Also be on the look out for another one in the next couple days. The Passerine Islands, The Reunification of Korea, and an anonymous donor contributed during this drive. Thank you for helping support Bloc recruitment! The award results can be found Linkon the forums.


  • We will be making the move to the NSLeft forums very soon. Please make an account at Link if you haven't already in anticipation for the jump.


The Past is History: A Defence of Greylyn’s Candidacy

Author: Kavagrad (The Leftist Assembly)
7 September, 2021

(note: this is an opinion article, the views expressed here after do not necessarily represent the views of The Leftist Times as a whole)

If you told most people involved in the politics of Greylyn-era TLA that Grey was running for a second term, and that Kava was writing an article about it, you might expect one of three responses: One group, at varying times during that term either the largest or smallest group, would likely be panicking and trying to prepare a response without politicking themselves into a corner, whilst another group would be interested in whether or not I would outright argue for voting Seek Other, as I’d stopped just short of the first time around. The third group would be wondering why on earth I’d failed to organise an “establishment” candidate against Grey for a second time, or even run in my own right. This is to make the point that many involved at the time would likely consider me one of Greylyn’s most open and fiery opponents, perhaps second only to Llorens. I might make the case that I did more work behind the scenes to oppose Grey and the wider Civil Service platform (though the extent of that work will likely never be fully revealed), but nonetheless my political stance at the time would be best described as anti-CSI or perhaps, less favourably, as pro-status quo.

Indeed, when Greylyn was elected Secretary, his Civil Service Initiative (CSI) didn’t work. Interest from Assemblians fell far short of the Secretary’s initial projections, the mentorship program that was a part of the initiative didn’t click with new members, and the Community Affairs section of the initiative saw no action whatsoever throughout the term. The three primary objections of folks like myself (that there wouldn’t be enough interest, that complaints about a lack of opportunity would continue regardless, and that many Civil Servants would have little if not nothing to do) were all proven correct in short order. As Grey’s successor, I personally oversaw the dismantling of the initiative, seeing very little worth salvaging in it.

I say all of this only to make it perfectly clear that if I, of all people, am arguing against holding Grey’s first term against him a year later (and as the title of this article suggests, I am doing exactly that), then that should hold a lot of weight.

So why should you, as an Assemblian voter, not write Grey’s campaign off?

Firstly, Grey has made clear over the past year that he knows that the Civil Service Initiative was a failure. We’re not going to have to deal with a repeat of CSI if he is elected. This is of course welcome, but it isn’t new. When Podria ran against Dyl 6 months ago on a platform that held significant similarities to the Civil Service Initiative, Grey was one of those that came out against this attempted revival, and indeed he was one of the most welcome voices that did so. To not only abandon his previous platform, but to actively oppose it, shows that Grey has come a long way since his last run at the top job.

Secondly, Greylyn’s platform this time around is far more conventional than his previous work. The actual content of his platform, the policies, are sensible, even if some can be argued against. The addition of a Minister of World Assembly Affairs has been tried before, sure, but as the community seems to slowly be moving away from the anti-Gameplay stance of recent past (though I, of course, remain staunchly anti-WA) such an addition may well have some legs. The movement of the Regional Update Telegram (RUTG) from the Secretary to the Minister of Information provides accountability and shows that the RUTG will be embedded into Cabinet duties for the foreseeable future, something which I welcome.

We must, of course, be cautious. If Greylyn is to become our next Secretary, I will be the first to criticise if things begin to go off of the rails. However, every indication suggests that this Secretary Greylyn would not be the Greylyn that implemented CSI, nor the Greylyn that went after the Discord server’s admin team, nor the Greylyn whose Vice-Secretary resigned under threat of impeachment. I don’t think Greylyn will ever be a same-old kind of Secretary, but I have every reason to believe that, with a second attempt, he could be a truly Assemblian Secretary. Only time will show whether or not he wants to be.

This article originally appeared in LinkThe Leftist Times on 7 August, 2021 and has be republished with permission.

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Following a conversation started by FM Pajonia and MoWAA Surgk, new legislation has been drafted, and this proposal can be found Linkhere.

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  • Youtuber Drew Durnil made a video yesterday in which he plays NationStates. As was the case the last time he played, this has lead to a large number of new users across all regions. We welcome those who have chosen to take residence in The Communist Bloc.

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